Enable me azur lovers!

  1. I have fallen in love with azur - and want a speedy 25 for the spring/ summer. I already know I love the style and size since I have it in mono. Question - is the canvas easy to keep clean looking? With 3 kids I am a little nervous about having a light colored bag. But I saw it in the store about a month ago and fell madly in love with it. Much prettier in person. Tell me all good things azur!
  2. My friend is waiting for her Azur speedy and I know after I get to hold it in person I will want something too.....I posted about Azur I think last week and all the people who replied said they never had a problem with it. My friend was concerned about it possibly yellowing???? I never really thought I would like it until I saw a lady carry the bag and it was stunning and to me screamed spring summer.
  3. I have an Azur Saleya and I have had NO problems keeping it clean. I say go for it!!!!!
  4. I love mine :shame: I only use mine for about 3 months, can't offer advice yet :shame: Accept the vachetta, all is easy to take care of :smile: Can't wait to see yours :smile:
  5. It's very easy to keep clean. I haven't had any trouble with mine.
    You will love it!
  6. Stunning bag.. I say go for it!
    IMG_7353i.jpg azur ch.jpg
  7. Go for it! Every Azur that I have seen roaming around looks pristine and stunning, the light color is crisp and clean. You will look fab with this bag!
  8. Ann,

    Are you thinking of ordering it from ELUX? I saw it on the site yesterday.
  9. Hi Ann, I have the azur saleya and used it all summer last year and it still looks great!. The canvas wipes clean, and you already know about the vachetta.

    Go for it, you'll love it!
  10. My bf just got the Speedy 30 for me, and it is absolutely stunning. I love the fresh colors of the Azur line. Go for it. winter break 049 (Medium).jpg
  11. Never had a problem with my 2 Azur Saleyas......the best LV has done in years....love Azur :love:
  12. I had bought the Azur speedy 25 when it first came out and returned it because I was afraid I would not like it with patina and also that it may get dirty easily; however, I just purchased one again and have decided I am going to enjoy it and simply do my best to keep it clean. I realized that the Azur canvas goes so well with my summer wardrobe that it should not be passed up simply because it MIGHT get dirty! Go for it and enjoy it!
  13. Azur is very easy to keep clean! You should get it!
  14. I don't think it's hard to clean Damier Azur... just clean the canvas as you would with Mono and Ebene Damier.

    I think Damier Azur with patina looks sooooo goood!
  15. I have it in the 30 and have 2 kids...I sprayed my vachetta with apple guarde and so far no problems at all. Get it...its so pretty & eye catching!