ENABLE a Chloe virgin..!!!

  1. *warning long post!*
    So here's a job for you Chloe nuts! i've been skulking around here for the last few days, but i'm still not quite convinced!:hrmm:

    I'm a Balenciaga addict:love:, LV lover, Coach Lover... and i've recently sold one of my balenciagas.. so, i've got extra funds to grab myself a new bag! my balenciaga was a day, and the reason why i sold it was because it's a fairly casual bag, and i think the balenciaga leather is to delicate (and pricey) for me to justify carrying it as an everyday bag. :wtf:
    SO, the thought of the LV batignolles Vertical and the Coach Carly HAS crossed my mind..i know these 2 other options are gonna be a surefire pleasure to carry around (either that or i cave in and get another balenciaga twiggy in a gorgeous fall colour - but i won't be able to get to use it much - vancouver rain! :p)
    But also keeping in mind that i'm still in uni and opportunities like these don't happen very often, i should be 'broadening my horizons'..which brings us to CHLOE..!! yummy yummy leather chloe...! :nuts: is it heavy? does it hold much? is it too 'workish'? i'm 21 and my sole purpose in life is to be cool :supacool:.. lol. does it hold up well? it's not too delicate is it? what colours would look good on me? :party:

    TIA ladies!!
  2. welcome to the chloe forum! so..which chloe style were you considering???
    balenciaga,LV, coach are also my favorites too. Chloe bags are just as sturdy as those brands if not more so. I actually find the other ones more delicate .Chloe leather is TDF!!! the bags do tend to be a bit heavier then some but me personally i dont care! love em. Chloe makes a variety of bags some for work some more for play. which colors do u like?;)
  3. I love chloe bags! i have got two paddies and i love them! i think the paddies is very classic..can dress them up or down! The leather is smooshy but thick! Tho if you consider the paddies then its heavy! i wont recommend carrying loads in that but i think you will get used to the weight of it after a while! im really loving the nuage and the grenat colour but thats the 05 so its hard to find! i think a colour that compliments all your outfits is ideal!

    what chloe styles are you thinking of?
  4. Hi, and welcome!

    I have the LV batignolles Vertical and the problem for me that it does not have a zipper at the top. There were several occations where I step on breaks, the bag flips over and my things are all over the floor.

    Yeah, is there a particular Chloe that you are thinking off? Currently am using a Chloe Tekla as my workbag. It is super light, great leather, have a lot of compartments so I can organize my stuff in them. It has a shoulder strap (so far, no problem with the strap yet), so if you want to wear cross-body, you can. But, the bag is kinda boxy, brief case looking so don't know if this is what you are looking for.

    How about the Paddy capsule with the smaller locks or the Bay? I think they will look good for both work and play!
  5. Definitely a Paddy for you. It is ultra cool and looks good with anything you wear. And talk about sturdy - they wrote the book on leather. And that padlock can be used for protection on those long walks back from the library at night. True - the weight issue can be a deterent but the hipness of the style more than makes up for that. Use it to balance out the weight of your bookbag - one on each shoulder!
  6. LOVE that quote- go girl.

    (Oh to be 21 again :girlsigh:)

    When you say "is it too workish" have you been looking at the edith? or the non quilted bay? because I wouldn't describe the paddy as workish at all. What style do you prefer?

    (I would think about a paddy for your first Chloe because it is a classic)
  7. maybe this will enable you...not workish at all!!!:graucho:
    IMG_0462.jpg IMG_0460.jpg
  8. welcome
    im 22 and thats my purpose in life is to be cool to i think the paddys one of the coolest bags around, but i think you have to get it in the right colour. you can get so much in them they are made with lovely thick leather that gets softer and softer over time.
    i suggest that you get neutral colour.
    there are so many fab colours out at the minuite!
    they can be dressed up and can be worn casualy!
  9. oh silly me... :rolleyes: i left out what style i was thinking of....!!! :noggin:

    there's this Medium Paddy in Black i've been looking at.. that i can get for a really good price... but i'm not sure about the colour! would it look a bit too HARD? :confused1: i REALLLYYY love that one you have brunettetiger...!!! :nuts:
    another colour i would LOVE to have would be the bleu nuit...!!! :love: but who wouldn't, right(plus i probably wouldn't be able to get it for less than retail..)
    wouldn't mind getting it in a light colour! it'd be more versatile for summer too!

  10. :yahoo:OMG...!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KEEP COMING BACK TO LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's gorgeous!!! :drool:
  11. is that the medium size one? new to chloe too...learning from pix...waiting to get mine...i ordered a medium size one...don't know how big that is...i like the size of this one on u...
  12. I'm 22 and have both the choc and moyen paddies - have never regretted buying them!

    You could get a black for a good price on eBay and bleu nuit is hard to find nowadays...
  13. Hi and welcome to obsession...mine is the classic medium and color is Blanc '07. This is my favorite size as i find the babies too small and the larger paddies tooooo heavy! Good luck finding your perfect paddy!!!