"En Duo", my new love for ss07

  1. I've always been a self-confessed fan of highly-detailed ornate designs, so I didn't think much of the geometric design of "en duo", until I put it on. Long story short, I came home with 2. :nuts:

    Enjoy. The shaky one is taken without the flash, and thus shows the true colors.

    Oh and excuse the at-home cashmere bottoms, I only threw on the jacket to show off the scarf and didn't think about the rest.

    enduoon.jpg enduoon2.jpg enduoon4.jpg enduoon3.jpg
  2. Thanks for posting these great modeling pix Tods; it's so hard to tell from the website what these will look like on. I've also always stuck to the more traditional, ornate, and detailed designs so I am definitely pleasantly surprised by how great this one looks when worn; just gorgeous on you!
  3. En Duo is gorgeous on you TODS.......I saw the blue/brown combo a while ago and didn't get it because the SA said that it was sort of plain on me but I'm still kicking myself for listening to her.....now I can't find it anywhere!!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS! Both colorways look fabby on you!!!!
  4. ^^^ shopmom, I *think* I saw the blue/brown in my hermes when I was trying on like the 12 different colorways they had in "en duo". I wil give my SA a call tomorrow and confirm. If they do have it, do you want me to put it on hold?

    By the way, this scarf also looks fantastic as a headwrap. The bold geometric ones tend to be like that. I think a blue one as bandana with a white top would be fantastic for summer!
  5. You look great, tods! You sure know how to wear them well. I tried on the white/brown one at my store!
  6. Love the scarf. Chic, tods.
  7. Shopmom, I LOVED this scarf on you!!!!!! I hope you find it!!!!

    tods, great scarf. Like you, I wasn't a fan until I saw shopmom try it on. This scarf just folds so beautifully.
  8. I love the scarves! They look fab on you!
  9. Great design and colors, Tods...you've really discovered a great motif on these scarves.
  10. Like you tods, it had left me cold looking at it on a website, but it looks AMAZING on you. I want to run out and get one. NOW!

    I even like it with the at home cashmere bottoms.
  11. I didn't like it much either on the website, then when I saw them at my store, I totally changed my mind: I love it!! I tried so many different colors on, that in the end I just couldn't decide on one...
  12. wow they look stunning on you! all your scarves do!
  13. GORGEOUS! ANOTHER scarf I must have!
  14. The scarves look great on you! And I really like the simplicity of the design, I've been rather fond of them since I first saw them on the site! Love the colors you selected!
  15. Wow, it's gorgeous on you.....thanks for the pics, another changed mind here.