emus vs Uggs

  1. Hi all! I know Uggs are the superior brand but has any one here has ever had a pair of emus? If so then how's the fit? I'm trying to order a pair online but I'm wondering if they are similar to Uggs in the sense that you would normally size down when ordering because they run a bit big. Any advice would be great! Thanks.:smile:
  2. I've tried on Emus and I found they run true to size. You can always contact their customer service. I got the UGGS over the EMU's, I found the UGGS to be much softer, the EMU's felt like pulled cotton on the inside, plus you can get replacement foot liners for uggs....the bottoms will always be plush and soft. I hope this helps.
  3. I have both emus and uggs, haven't worn either in a while so I can't really remember about the sizing, but I think I got both in my 'regular' size. Msybe the uggs are slightly more comfy than the emus (the lining, so you'd only notice if wearing them barefoot) and I think the...edge over the sole by the heel on my emus kind of... bent inwards (it's hard to explain, sorry :p) making them a bit uncomfortable, but I donno if mine were the only ones doing that?? (I was stepping on part of the shoe by the heel, if that makes sense...) but other than that, there's not much of a difference IMO. :flowers:
  4. I'd like to know the difference too. I just bought my first pair of Uggs.
  5. Uggs are better IMO . They keep your feet warmer, plus they are softer. However, Emus don't stretch out as much as Uggs. With Uggs you almost have to go a size down, or after wearing them for a few months, they will be stretched out and too big.
    I guess there are pros and cons to both
  6. I bought EMUs in my regular size (ladies 10) last year, and I had to be VERY careful not to stumble in them. I really felt they were way too big for me. I am planning on buying a pair of UGGs, and am wondering if I should go to a 9 - I will generally wear them barefoot... Any of you find a difference in the sizing of UGGs and EMUs? Any advice on this?

    Thanks, maie7
  7. I can't compare these two but I CAN compre UGGs versus Koolaburras and I gotta say while koolaburras are a whole lot SOFTER than UGGs, the top suede part is TOO soft so it stretches really easily YET the sizing on these is NORMAL while UGGs u have to size down. :biggrin:
  8. I wear a size 8. I have a pair of Classic Tall Barque in size 8 and they fit great and true to size for me. Even though I read that certain styles can run big. I have a pair of Uggs Whitley boots and they are also a size 8. I have a pair of short classic Uggs in size 7. But I remember trying out a pair of Classic Uggs short at Nordies and I could not fit it and it was a size 8. I think it depends. I hope that helps.
  9. i am usually a size 10, sometimes a 9 1/2. my first Ugg boot purchase was a size 10, which turned out to be waaaay big on me. i stumbled around in them, but the color was released as a L.E. so i just bought insole replacements and that made them snugger.

    a 9 should be fine for you. i'd only suggest getting a 10 if you had wide feet or were a true size 10 (or 11/10.5 at times).
  10. I've tried on Emus, and they ran about the same as Uggs for me. Since I did not buy them, however, I cannot say how much they will or will not stretch. With Uggs I buy two full sizes down. I almost always wear a 9 in American sizing, and 8's in Uggs are too big. 7's are snug to begin with, both at the instep and at the toe and ankle, but they stretch very quickly. The 8's are just right to slightly roomy, which I know would be too big after wearing.
  11. Uggs are better quality (suede, lining, etc.), that's the biggest difference to me anyway. I've never owned Emus but I have alot of Uggs and I am very satisfied!
  12. I have Uggs and Emus. My Uggs are about 3 years old and they have stretched soo much. I usually wear a 7.5 or 8, I bought my Uggs in a size 8 and they were a little big at first but now they're huge on me. When I bought a pair of Emus a few weeks ago, the SA told me that they don't stretch as much as Uggs so I bought a size 8 which fit perfect in bare feet. I've worn them around the house for about 3 weeks now and I think the lining has flattened out a little so I have plenty of room in them, but they don't feel too big. IMO I don't notice much difference quality wise between the two brands, but I've only had the Emus for a few weeks so I don't know how well they will hold up. But they are just as comfortable as my Uggs and they were much, much cheaper so...
  13. Uggs are much better!!
  14. I've owned both brands and I prefer Uggs.
  15. I just bought my first pair of emu's from Loehmann's...they are the tall striker. Got them for $60. I don't really like Uggs..I cant seem to find a comfy pair. THey all seem too tight on me inthe front no matter what size I try (ive tried 6- 7 1/2 and am usually 7 1/2). I like the Emu's..they fit fine in the store, no issues. They didn't break the bank so we will see.