Empty Wallets??

  1. I have high end bags, low end bags, I never seem to part with them and I never seem to stop buying them..
    Somehow I am frugal or maybe conservative when it comes to buying wallets, especially matching wallets. I have a few name wallets, if they match something I have - score..I would love a matching wallet to every one of my bags, but other than the fact that I cannot afford to do that, I am sickened buy wallet prices these days...
    Am I the only one who thinks it's absolutely INSANE that some of these high end wallets are 500 dollars plus!! I mean come on, that's like half the price of some of the bags itself!!
    Ironic that I have almost no limit to a bag, but someone please convince me how a company can demand that much money for a wallet...
    And do they EVER go on sale?:hysteric:
  2. oh i totally agree about the prices of wallets. but i'm not so into matching my wallet w/ my bags. i'm not a matchy matchy person. i only use my one and only gucci wallet that i love... had it for years and still looks brand new. and i'm a bit lazy.. i won't change wallets anyway. too much hassel to take everything out and put it into another wallet. and like you, i would use the money to put towards a bag instead!
  3. i only have 2 designer wallets. An LV Damier Koala and a Coach leather one. I just can't seem to justify paying at leat $300 or more for a wallet when that cost is almost enough to get me a purse instead. Besides, I feel like it's such a pain in the butt to always be switching wallets.
  4. The only reason I have the 3 Coach wallets that I do is because I bought two of them used on eBay, and the third I used my last employee discount on. Otherwise I wouldn't have any either. I agree with you, when the wallet costs as much as the handbag I think it's ridiculous.
  5. After seeing Aigner and Tumi wallets I do think LV Wallet prices are insane. The first two offer many more compartments for 1 or 2 third of the LV price...
  6. yes, the price are ridiculous, but i think because it seems that most people don't buy wallet as often they buy bags. the companies put more mark up on the wallet's price.
  7. I got my antik cervo zip close Prada wallet on Bluefly for nearly half off the retail. Even that was tough to swallow for me because like you, I'm put off by wallet prices. I have to admit that even at $250, it was well worth the money. The quality in a Prada wallet is far superior than any of my $50 wallets could have dreamed of. The whole inside is yummy leather, something I've never had. This wallet will last for decades, so I'll eventually get my money out of it. Perhaps that's the angle you might want to consider? If you don't tend to buy wallets often, think of a good quality (and yes, expensive) wallet as an investment. :yes:
  8. Most wallets take a lot more work to assemble than bags do. The materials used to make bags and wallets are usually much cheaper than the labor to assemble them.
  9. they take longer to stitch and make. the process is more complicated. take and LV speedy for example: a long piece of canvas, sewn together, ends ar added,a zipper......and voila!
    now a wallet? think about the c/c holders, pockets, every edge has to to sewn and reinforced adn made strong to withstand daily use adn abuse, more sewing and just so muich more complicated to make!
  10. I hate buying expensive wallets too...For me, I don't like the fact that I empty my own wallet to buy another empty wallet...total cognitive dissonance!
  11. I about had a fit when I had to pay 81.00 for a Hayden Harnett Wallet. It was on sale from 108.00. I am not a wallet person, so I find one I like and use it for years.
    I had a Dooney small Zip around wallet that was the bomb and I got it on eBay for around 50.00. I like a quality wallet but I refuse to pay big. 50.00 is about my ideal price. I'd rather save my money for the bags themselves.