Empty agenda- How can I use it?

  1. I bought this ages ago at a car boot sale. It's red leather a5(ish) size I think and I really like it although I'm not sure how to use it. Does anyone own something similar in this style? I would really love to use it ;_;

    So if anyone has any suggestions on how to use it that'd be appreciated, I'm a student. Any uses there? lol
    DSC02229.JPG DSC02230.JPG
  2. if you carry a lot of receipts with you maybe use it to store them?

    or if you'd like to carry pictures with you, maybe get an insert to put them into?

    how as a student do you not need a planner/agenda? :smile: i wouldn't have survived college without one lol :smile:
  3. nah not many people use planners tbh.. things to remember are usually kept in my head anyway. I bought a palm for things like that.. its been in my drawer for a year XD

    thanks for the opinions :smile:
  4. Can your palm fit in that?
  5. It could do I suppose ... I'm not sure :/
  6. I would use it for jotting down notes... doodling/drawing... writing down homework assignments... reciepts/check book... I would even go so far as to just start carrying it around and see what you end up tossing into it. Or taking a look at a store and seeing what different inserts they may have available for it.
  7. I use an agenda everyday and I'm a university student. I jot down notes and also double it as a wallet (3 cards and a few bills, coins go in a separate 'coin pouch')
  8. Yeah I can't go without my agenda now so I write down all assignments that are due, tests coming up, etc. I like having things written down, I wouldn't be able to put them in a Palm.
    Anyway yeah just put some paper in it and use it for notes or ideas that pop into your head at random times. I always do that because I think of things that I need to do later, or things I want to tell someone, etc.
  9. Thanks for your idea people, it's giving me ideas now :biggrin: