empriente or Epi wallet?

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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone have any thoughts about wallets in empriente vs Epi leathers? Any pros or cons to either? I know there's glazing and cracking issues with the Emilie in mono (and Epi too I think?), I'm wondering of the emp version would have glazing too?

    I want to get an Emilie wallet, which is available in Epi, but will be coming out in empriente soon. I'm trying to decide which version to get.

    I like that emp is soft, but it's almost too flimsy when I was looking at the compact curieuse. However the card slots seemed easier on the emp.

  2. Tough decision. Epi wears like iron. Empreinte has glazing issues with its older models but was addressed. I have 5 items from the Empreinte range and 3 items from Epi. I definitely love Empreinte more!

    Either one you can't go wrong! [emoji8]
  3. I would choose empriente, as I think epi looks dull and "old" in a lot of pictures I saw, but when I see it in store, I don't have that feeling, strange

  4. Which one do you think is newer? Cosmetic Pouch or Zippy wallet? Both are Indigo. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464361996.372424.jpg
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  5. Oooo let Me go first! Is the cosmetic pouch newer?

  6. Shall I wait for more answers first? [emoji6]
  7. Hahaha :smile: however you want. I love epi leather. My nearly 3 old bag looks just like the day I bought it.

  8. Yes, EPI has a nice sheen after use. So the dull looking Epi that one poster mention is definitely a new piece. [emoji4]
  9. When will the Empreinte be available
  10. I am trying to make the same decision. Sarah wallet in grape empereinte or twist wallet in blueberry or hot pink epi. I also thought empereinte felt flimsy ans SA said it would get even looser over time. Also can't decide on a color as I usually go for black.
  11. Last year, I was looking empriente compact curieuse in cherries, but I decided to get Marie-Lou Compact Wallet in chilli. A compact curieuse wallet is beautiful, but I'm was afraid about the issue of faded embrossed.
    I love epi leather more and more because it's durable. I also have an emilie epi in fuchsia.
  12. Thanks for everyone's input! It's good to hear that Epi becomes glossier after use, I definitely love the look of it! Also good point about the embossing fading on the empriente leather.

    Tough decision....!
  13. Fading embossing on Empreinte is only possible when it's light, there's no way deep embossing could fade. 2 of my 5 items have light embossing and I could see the fading after using it. However, I find that unique. To each it's own.
  14. +1
  15. Hmmmm, I think the cosmetic pouch is newer.
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