Empriente Metis vs Epi Speedy B

  1. IMG_0645.jpg IMG_0644.jpg Hi! I need help in deciding between these two bags! I have been wanting the Pochette Metis in mono forever but I'm number 700 on the waiting list and they don't seem to be producing any bags right now, so I am moving on. I thought I had decided on the PM in black empriente, but I was purchasing something small in the boutique last week and saw the Speedy B 25 in epi in a display case. My husband was with me so I couldn't ask to try it on (you know how it is - we were there to buy something specific so I didn't think trying in bags was the best idea lol), but that bag got my heart racing and hasn't left my brain! I have a Speedy B in DE and LOVE it, and wouldn't mind having another Speedy. My lifestyle is very casual (even for work) and I'm looking for a good every day bag. I'm trying to keep my collection minimal (I've sold a lot of bags and I am trying to buy only bags I will really love and use), so I'll list out what I've got now below to give you an idea.

    I'd really appreciate your thoughts on the PM and Epi Speedy and pros and cons if you have one of them!

    Thank you so much in advance!

    Current bag collection:
    Lady Dior (black with silver)
    Miss Dior Promenade (black with gold)
    Chanel CC Trendy (black with gold)
    Fendi Peekaboo Medium (grey with silver)
    Fendi Peekaboo Mini (black with gold)
    Gucci Marmont (black with gold)
    LV Speedy B 25 in DE
    LV Favorite PM

    Looks like I really gravitate toward black bags with gold hardware lol!
  2. I vote for Empriente PM as long as it will satisfy your desire for the monogram version!?!?
  3. Speedy B. And wait for the monogram PM. The substitutes have always fallen short, from my experiences anyways.
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  4. I am a huge fan of Empreinte, but I have some reservations about the PM in that style. It's good to be aware that Empreinte styles that are worn close to the body may experience "softening" of the logo more quickly -- something that is known to happen with Empreinte over time. These items are beautiful, but you have to be ok with the fact that the logo may not remain crisp/deeply embossed as it rubs up against you (unless you plan to carry it handheld, of course).

    The Epi Speedy is stunning, and my understanding is that Epi leather is extremely durable. I have no experience with it personally. I can understand wanting to try a different style of bag, though, since you already have a Speedy. So, I'm not sure I've helped here, lol! You are choosing between two stunning bags!
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  5. Empriente Metis
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  6. Empreinte PM, the Epi Speedy looks nice but seems bulky and awkward to carry imo.
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  7. I would wait for the Pochette Metis you always wanted unless you love one of these bags more now. If you go on eBay, you can visually see how both of these leathers wear. These leather bags are both beautiful and very different. To me, the leather has different cons that might not bother other people like leather indentation and logo fading.
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  8. empreinte metis. I personally don't like the look of speedy in other than canvas material :biggrin:
  9. Emp PM! It's beautiful and stunning bag. However I feel I have to "dress up " for the bag, so have only worn on special occasions. The mono PM just never did anything for me (I love it on others but when I tried it on twice.. It just didn't feel right). I so wanted to get the Epi Speedy but my SA advised against it. Unless I was going to carry handheld most of the time, crossbody it will be prone to wrinkles esp around the top/zipper section. So I passed! Handheld only is not really an option for me right now.. Good luck!
  10. empreinte metis for me if you are looking for a casual bag
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  11. It's funny that you say this because I have actually tried the mono PM on several times (not recently) and felt the same way. It looks so great on others, but it just didn't look like anything special on me so I passed. It's one of those bags that I guess I desperately want to work lol!

    I would probably wear the Speedy on my shoulder but not cross body. Do you think it would still wrinkle worn that way? I've had an epi bag in the past but it was only a top handle. It was a great bag as far as durability.
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  12. I think it would! Just wish the bag was more readily available so I could try it on before making the decision!
  13. You make an interesting point. I had a Montaigne GM in empriente and didn't have any problems but I usually held that bag by hand. I can see the rubbing being a problem.

    As far as the Speedy, I have had an epi bag in the past and was happy with it. My current Speedy I wear as a shoulder bag with the strap on the short side. The epi version doesn't have the option to remove part of the strap so I would have to wear it longer. I think I need to go hunt it down and try it on to see what I think!

    Thanks for your help!
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  14. I'm one of those people who it would bother lol! Thanks for your reply! :smile:
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  15. Mono PM is beautiful but just not for me. Emp PM on the other hand was just stunning and it felt right. I don't have Epi bag to be able to comment on wear and tear... The SA I have is wonderful and I trusted her judgement. I think shoulder carry should lessen the "wrinkles " but it's just my speculation. For me I think I can handle logo fading esp if it's on the back..but I don't know if I can handle wrinkles on top. If you can try them on, I`m sure one will call out to you!