Empriente Citadine - Reviews and Color Poll!

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  1. I've been good for a very long time and then came across the Empriente Citadine and fell in love! I am a big fan of tote bags (love my NF) so I feel I'll get a lot of use from this bag. But, before I take the plunge, can owners of this bag give me your review - good and bad? Is it durable and good for a mom?

    Also, I'd love to get help on color choices: Orient (Orange) or Aurore (Burgundy) or Aube (dark purple eggpant)? Please rank them with #1 being your favorite, #2 your second, and #3 least favorite. I'm totally torn.

  2. 1-Orient
  3. Thanks! I'm surprised myself how much I like the orange. Just wondering if I should go for that color or a "safer" one like burgundy or eggplant.
  4. Loved the Aurore on the speedy 25..
    My choice would be :
    3. Orient
    Good luck and let us know yur decision!
  5. Thanks for the opinions! Reading on here that a lot of folks like bleu infini which has me thinking of that too now!
  6. Love the orient!
  7. I have my eye on this bag aswell!!!I have to be a good girl for a little longer though.
    I wondered too if choices 2 and 3 are safer.The gold hardware against it is amazing.I wear more brown clothes then black.I don't want to look to pumpkiny(with no disrespect to pumpkins:lol:)
  8. 1-Aurore

    Citadine is not my favorite empreinte, but it is a practical bag! I personally prefer the speedy in aurore and the artsy in infini or aube
  9. +1 :d
  10. I have a Citidine and love it. I wanted a leather bag with the ease of a tote, and it fit the bill perfectly! It's not as wide as a NF, so my things sometimes get kind of piled up inside, but other than that, it's pretty perfect. I carried mine all last winter, and just took it back out and the leather is perfect. People keep asking if it's new. There's a touch of wear on the corners, but it's minimal and I'm not super careful with my bags. It's good for a mom, definitely. I'm not familiar with the newer colors so no advice there. Really you can't go wrong with this bag!
  11. Aurore
  12. Heavily leaning towards orient orange for this particular bag. Just seems so pretty! Anyone think the corners will scuff and blacken from dirt? Worried about that.
  13. orient
  14. Thanks for your feedback on the bag! Can I ask what color you have and whether your corners have held up? I'm planning on the orange but a little worried that they might get black with time. Thanks!!!

  15. Your welcome! My bag is ombre, so like a mushroom color, does LV still offer that color? I just checked out the corners, the ones on the front of the bag are a tiny bit worn with maybe a touch of gray, but it's very very minimal. The corners that rub against my body have a tiny line of denim color transfer. It's so not noticeable I didn't bother trying to remove it. I would say compared to any of my other bags, this one has been the most durable. It looks brand new unless you get right up close on the corners. Since I started using it again last week I have gotten compliments on it three separate times! At the hair salon, at the nail salon, and at Sephora. It really is a great bag, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone!