Empriente Aurore - color transfer?

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  1. Do any of you that own empriente pieces in the aurore color have issues with color transfer? I am thinking about a cross body bag and don't want to have to worry about wearing jeans when I use the bag.
  2. I have my artsy which sits on my hip touching my jeans and so far no issues with colour transfer. Seems very good at keeping most things off. Water runs right off too
  3. I never thought of that I'm picking mine up Saturday at neimans
  4. Good question OP. I'm considering the Fascinante and it will sit on my jeans cross body. But I sure don't want the problem of color transfer!
  5. Me too! That bag is so beautiful. I'm thinking either aurore or havane. Or black. I don't know!!!!!
  6. i've been looking at the Fascinante as well and know that it comes in black im even more tempted..do u know if the strap comes off completely i've only see it online so far...
  7. I really love this color myself. I do not think it would show transfer. Also though, did you just do a reveal on the infini speedy? If so, that can be worn cross body and for sure will not show denim. If it was not you then oops sorry. Sometimes i get confused with all the gorgeous reveals on here :biggrin:
  8. As long as the jeans aren't brand new, not yet washed dark wash against the bag then it'll be fine. My Auror as I said sits on my hip, there is no colour transfer or sign of wear. It's a very robust leather.
  9. I just found this out today that all NEW Fascinante straps are removable so that it can be made easily into a clutch. Isn't this great?
  10. so then you can possibly place a chain shoulder strap if u wanted to thats what i was thinking of..
  11. It was me! I love the speedy, but sometimes when I have the strap extender in, the buckles will pull on my hair. I bought the speedy to use mainly for a cross body bag and while I really love it still, I really wanted something so I could be hands free. I'm not sure what to do :hrmm:
  12. Hmm... are you with in the 14 or 30 day time frame period? I had a bag like this that pulled on my hair and it got so annoying i sold it. Maybe get something different for a cross body. You can just use your speedy handheld then or on your shoulder.
  13. I have a Lumi in aurore and no color transfer so far and I wear it with jeans.....