Empriente Artsy

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  1. did they discontinue a bunch of the colors? Only colors I see available for purchase online are the tan, brown, and black.
  2. I would like to know this as well. I think but I'm not 100% sure that LV discontinues the empriente artsy. I'm in love with this design and need to add a LV in black to my collection. If anyone knows anything please let us know :smile:
  3. Some Empreinte colours are seasonal like the latest ones -- taupe and iris. Once the season is over, they're no longer available.
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  4. There is actually a new color coming for the Empreinte Artsy, a nice shade of Blue, so definitely not being discontinued
  5. Ohh! That sound exciting, another blue coming out? :woot:
  6. I've been looking online for a pre loved infini, but may hold off. Do you know when this would be released?
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    So, the pink color, I don't remember the name....... Is it gone?

    Edit: aurore!! Is it gone? :sad:
  8. That color has been discontinued.
  9. Unfortunately it has been discontinued for quite a while now along with other colours such as Infini:sad: You can always find one that's gently pre-loved but LV usually introduces a new seasonal colour either in the spring/summer or fall/winter - because Aurore was popular I wouldn't be surprised if a similar colour is introduced in the near future, especially since the pink and purple hues are all the rage right now.
  10. I missed out on Taupe. Perfect neutral.
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  11. I will get some more information this weekend.
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  12. I was invited to a brunch this weekend at a Louis location, do you think that they will showcase the new colors then?
  13. This is slated to be released on September 2nd, the new Marine color that is. Most likely with any new color, stock will be somewhat tense for a while.
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  14. Hi AAdams!
    Is the Artsy going to come out in the new color Gris Clair (grey)?
  15. Not that I have seen or heard, only the Marine for the Artsy
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