Empreinte Zippy Wallet

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  1. Can someone tell me if the Empreinte Zippy Full size wallet in Poppy has gold hardware? Thanks
  2. Yes, all Empreinte pieces come with gold hardware, regardless of color.

    If you would like to see for yourself, the style number for the Empreinte Zippy in Poppy is M41858. The link to the item on the United States Louis Vuitton website can be found below.


    Best regards,
  3. Actually no, not all empreinte pieces are with gold hardware... I'm pretty sure the Poppy empreinte had silver hardware for the twinset and the key pouch. I saw it in person.
    But yeah the zippy wallet for Poppy does look like it comes with gold hardware on that webpage, it's odd they have different hardware for different products for the same colour :P
  4. Poppy has silver hardware I believe.

  5. I noticed the twinset and key pouch had silver hardware but when o saw the zippy it appeared gold. May have to snag one...I didn't care for the silver hardware. Thanks!
  6. I'm sorry, I was incorrect. That's pretty surprising. Someone at LV (I called 866 to check on this for OP), told me that all Empreinte pieces come with GHW. I guess Client Services has incorrect info.

    Sorry for the confusion!
  7. It has silver hardware. I was considering buying one last week but couldn't get over the hardware. The only poppy items that have gold hardware are the pieces that are monogram with poppy trim/interior (Retiro Sarah walllet, Retiro, Emilie wallet end.). I really loved the color in empreinte.
  8. I've noticed the customer service on the phone is not very helpful at times! No worries :smile:

  9. So the full size does have silver hardware?

  10. Full size empreinte zippy in poppy has silver hardware.

  11. Thanks