Empreinte zippy wallet how does it hold up?

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  1. I sold most of my LV a year ago and the only thing I really regret is my zippy wallet. I loved it but the vernis started peeling a little so I want to go with something else this time.

    For those of you that have the empreinte I have a couple of questions. Have you had any splitting or peeling on the edges? Is it stiff enough for this style wallet, or does it get too soft over time?
  2. I'm in my second! Only sold first one, Jaipur, to get noir because I wanted a darker more carefree color. I've had the noir for 6 months and it's holding up great! Mines still stiff and definitely holds its shape

  3. I've had mine for about a year: no splitting or peeling and although it's slightly softer than when I first got it, it's not slouchy in any way whatsoever. HTHs!
  4. I used mine everyday for over a year, I don't really take care of my wallet, so far its holding up great! No splitting or peeling on the edges, the leather does soften, and yes it still hold its shape.
  5. I don't have the zippy wallet, but I have the Cuireuse wallet. The empreiente leather is soft and beautiful, but definitely durable. I anticipate using this wallet for a very long time and I expect it will age gracefully and beautifully. Prior to this wallet I had a mono canvas wallet, which I loved. It held up great for 10+ years! As much as I loved it I don't want to go back to canvas. I'm thinking of getting compact Curieuse so I have a smaller empreiente wallet to use in my smaller bags. I wouldn't hesitate to get the empreiente! GLD!