Empreinte wallet dilemma : Zippy Infini or Curieuse Bronze ?

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  1. I am getting a preloved empreinte Speedy B 25 in Infini.
    Initially I wanted a Curieuse wallet in Infini to match it, but they are all sold out in Paris. The only model left in this color is the Zippy one. I never owned a Zippy and I am afraid it is too bulky.

    Do you think an Infini purse would look nice with a Bronze wallet ?

    Thanks so much for your inputs !
  2. the color bronze is just great and I'm pretty sure it works perfect with infini! I don't own a zippy (yet) so no help... sorry!!!
  3. I like the Curieuse style better
  4. Thanks :smile:
    I'm going to have a look at Curieuse in Bronze then, but surely not having a matching wallet is not a problem ....

    Too bad I only discovered the Infini color once it was discontinued
  5. Zippy is my favorite wallet but I don't really like to have matching bag and wallet - get the wallet you love most and don't worry about how it matches --- any LV wallet looks nice in any LV bag, IMO.
  6. I personally do not like to match my handbag and wallet. I own two wallets and the are the Black MC Sarah and the Pomme Sarah. I like to have fun with my SLG's. I think Bronze would compliment the Infini really well!!
  7. Zippy Infini. I am not a fan of leather with metallic of any kind!
  8. Love Emperiente in Bronze! So my vote for Curieuse. I have a Zippy in Epi, it is quite heavy.
  9. I wouldn't settle if you are not 100%. Have you thought about buying the wallet pre-owned as well? There are a few of the Curieuse in different colors on ebay right now and I'm sure there will be more.
  10. If you want the colors to match, then hold out for something in Infini. Something new or like new is bound to show up.
    Just keep your eyes open, that's what many people do. ;)
  11. I think it would look great! I have the Infini Artsy, which has a dark interior -- and is a dark bag, obviously. Adding the Infini wallet would have made it really hard to see what I had inside the bag. So I went with the Jaipur Curieuse (a raspberry color) and I'm so glad I did! I adore the Curieuse, but I am a zippy girl at heart. The zippys are not bulky, and they are super secure.

    Yes! Go for contrasting colors! :smile:
  12. Zippy Infini..i dont like the color Bronze or any metallic colors
  13. Thank you so much for all your inputs, I'm incredibly grateful.
    I was so lost this morning when I called LV central customer service several times to locate a wallet in Infini and I badly needed advice from TPF.
    Here's the whole of the story....

    The first two times I called I got the same person, who just told me "Infini is being discontinued, we only have very few items left, it won't be easy to find one". To which I replied that it was precisely why I was calling...so that they could help me locate one !!
    Then she asked be for reference codes, which of course I did not have. She was so, so unhelpful and sounded bored on the phone.

    Luckily, I had one direct line phone number to one of the stores (they don't seem to give them out on the website anymore). The SA I got on the phone was nice and told me where they had the last zippys available.

    A lot of people here think that curieuse is very special, and I indeed liked it a lot. But IRL the bronze color reminded me of some kind of dragon/animal skin..maybe because it is a light color :sweatdrop:

    The Zippy looked great, but I was not 100% convinced, especially for that price. I bought a lot of bags lately and felt it was unreasonable....

    When I came home, I looked on the two websiites I usually buy preloved items from...and guess what, there was a Curieuse in Infini, in mint condition, waiting for me ! I took it as a sign of destiny, and grabbed it :greengrin:

    So at the end of the day, I will have a matching wallet. Curieuse is only available in empreinte so it feels special for me to own one.
    And the Infini color is special to me too because I always tell my daughter that I love her "à l'infini" (endlessly)... :love:

    The other color I really liked was grenat, but it doesn't match a lot of my current purses.

    LV really has too many beautiful things. It's hard to choose. At least when we can talk about it on TPF it doesn't go all crazy alone inside our heads. Sorry for the long post !