Empreinte update and question :)

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  1. #1 Mar 8, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2014
    Well many of you will know that I was a little disappointed when my grenat compact curieuse arrived on Wednesday and I went to LV yesterday to swap for either amethyst or black.

    The black was... Black. Lovely but definitely better in bags IMO. Still very nice though. Amethyst was not for me at all unfortunately. It looked completely different in the compact curieuse than the normal curieuese (I had them next to each other) which I found really strange! So, I kept grenat, thinking I would send it back for a refund as I purchased it online. But... I actually started to like it more and more, it's so shimmery and looks different in all different lights.

    Well, I got home and decided that maybe i had been too quick to judge Ms. Grenat. After I had decided that I might keep it, I decided to look it over to make sure everything is okay before keeping. And that's when I noticed this... A small piece of glazing is missing. You can actually put your nail inside it! I'm so unlucky with my purchases :sad: this is now my Eva, cles, emilie and compact curieuse that have had issues :sad: it seems like it was caught on a machine or something. It won't cause any immediate issues but might in the future.

    Question is - would everyone else exchange? Don't wanna seem too fussy... Again!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394277129.991027.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394277144.573888.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394277163.843515.jpg

    I can't fully capture it on pictures but hope you can see the lighter area where the glazing is missing and leather can be seen underneath

    Thank you all
  2. Anyone? I don't want to return/ complain if I'm being too fussy...
  3. That would annoy me and I would exchange it
  4. I would go back and exchange for sure. I want the one I really love if I pay that much for wallet!! Good luck and it is a beautiful color, you deserve the perfect condition!!!
  5. Thank you, I wish I could have a straight forward purchase with LV, no returns and exchanges would be a miracle haha
  6. annoying-exchange for sure!
  7. I would exchange for sure. I prefer any marks to come from my own use; not a brand new piece especially when they are so costly.

  8. Yes. It would bother me too...take it back
  9. Thank you all, looks like another exchange is on the cards then :sad:
  10. I would exchange for sure!
  11. Definitely exchange it. Good luck!
  12. I would exchange. I got the very last compact curieuse in infini at my store and in that color it is great!
  13. Beautiful wallet ~ LOVE the Curieuse and the Grenat is simply stunning!! You made the right choice on color, IMHO. :smile:

    As for the chip, I would go exchange, only because it might get worse over time. Also, since this is a LE color if you keep it and it gets worse, you might not be able get another one later. GL!!
  14. Thank you all, yes I think I'm gonna have to exchange! Fingers crossed my new one is perfect. I don't know whether I'm too fussy or genuinely unlucky with all of my recent purchases!
  15. You must exchange- that glazing chip will bother you forever!