Empreinte Speedy Wear

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  1. Anyone else here not worried about their Empreinte Speedy slouching because you love the bag so much? I have read about people reselling theirs before it starts to soften and slouch. I'm just curious as I am probably one of those who don't mind if my Speedy starts to slouch. I tried using a bag organizer but found it to add more weight to the bag and take up more space. What are your thoughts?
  2. I am in this boat now. I love my Empreinte Speedy 30 in Noir...but..it is starting to slouch. I haven't used it much since I noticed this. I do have a Samorga organizer inside but it's just not the same :sad: After much thought I have decided to sell this week. It just keeps sitting on my shelf. Many don't mind the slouch..so hopefully it goes to a good home. I need something with structure..that keeps it's structure. I LOVE my Epi Alma MM in Noir for that. What a perfect bag that is! Best of luck to you!
  3. I own the Epi 30 in Noir and becoming slouchy never bothered me. It's soft leather so I thought it would be unreasonable to think it would keep the way an epi bag would.
  4. I owned the Aurore and infini speedy and both were slouching but I loved them that way. I sold both since I outgrew the size.
    I currently own the empriente Bastille and it's even softer after 8 months of continuous use and falls on its own.
  5. Will some of you post photos of the Slouch? and when did you really start noticing it? I have had my 30 Infini since January. I never expected to buy it but once I really saw that they were completely out of stock in that color and I was holding a new one I had to get it. I love it! and do find I don't baby it as much as some of my other bags. Its beautiful but its also new. I did get the samorga for her because the sides were starting to cave but I am still very much in love.
  6. Me!!!! I'm not going to use anything with mine. I got a 30 and don't mind the slouch :smile:
  7. I personally like the slouch too- I just had to validate that I'm not the only one. The only structured bag I own is an Alma PM in Vernis-

  8. I don't think I'm a structured bag person lol. I have a Pochette Metis and that's about as structured as I can do. I kept thinking I wanted an alma, but every time I went in to buy one, I left with something else. I think that's why I prefer the 30 to the 25, also. The slouch suits my style
  9. I definitely don't mind the softening and the slouch. I do mind that even though I never overfill my 25, it is easy to see it starting to pull and disfigure at the handles. I'm beginning to fear empriente is too fragile for me to worry about. That's a shame.

  10. Oh no! This is my first empreinte and now I'm worried I got the 30 and plan to mostly use it as a shoulder/crossbody bag. I hope it doesn't pull at the handles
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  11. A speedy should slouch. That's the way it's made! But if the handles are doing something crazy then that isn't ok.
  12. When you say slouch, do you mean like on the sides of the bag? I just looked at some that are listed on ebay and some do look a bit caved.

    I have had the 30 in Noir for 7 months now. I don't use this bag a TON, so my routine is to use it for the day and put a small pillow in it when I get home to help keep the shape. IMO, this bag is very classic looking and I hope to use it for some time, so I do take extra caution with it. I don't stuff my regular canvass Speedy 25s.

    I am with you on the bag organizer, it adds too much weight for me, but I have a bad shoulder so I am being a baby about it. ;)