empreinte speedy v gst

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which black bag?!

  1. chanel gst

  2. speedy empreinte noir

  3. neither

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hey guys so a quick question
    i was all set to get the chanel gst as my black bag I usually tend to put off buying a black bag usually bc i gravitate toward color :smile:

    However with the upcoming speedy noir empreinte I'm confused once again

    both bags are great i suppose but with the looming price increase i must make a quick decision :smile:

    so if you could have one black bag which would u choose ?!:graucho:

  2. Oh my.. Tough choice!! Speedy I guess. It should be lighter than GST, good everyday bag.. However, GST is a classic Chanel bag! If you have the money, buy both!!
  3. Chanel gst was my HG. Once i have it, i never used it. Due to the weight and the strap keep falling down. And i dont like the shape after some time.
    So i choose speedy empriente. :smile:
  4. I have both and vote Speedy B

  5. +1!!!😊
  6. I feel their both for different type of day
    I use my speedy way more
  7. I hv both & enjoy each one differently.
  8. I would vote for the Speedy Empreinte. GL. :smile::smile:
  9. I am not a fan of Chanel bags (gasp!) but I love the Speedy in Noir. I've been waiting for years for LV to make a black leather Speedy. I can't wait to get this one, and think you should too!
  10. Both are classic. Chanel has more structure and boxier. Do you prefer slouchy or structure?
  11. I could see in your avatar pic of some speedy. So, I think you should get the GST but you are probably use to having the speedy B. Just my opinion, I saw someone with infini speedy b and i wasn't impressed compared to a GST. All I could say, it depends on your lifestyle and collection. GL:cool:
  12. I have 2 gst's in grey and beige Claire the 2 purchases I regret the most. I loved them for the first few weeks then got fed up with everything falling out.
  13. I bought a gst a year ago and at first i was soooo happy. Well, that easily wore off as it has been sitting in my closet for a long time. I find it too structured and rigid and i am so afraid of deforming it. It's not comfortable to wear and the strap keeps falling off my shoulder. So I vote for speedy empreinte. It's a beautiful bag!
  14. GST! It is a classic chanel and you can carry it in your hand. I love this shape (prefer other models in Empreinte).
  15. Emp. Speedy!