Empreinte Speedy 25 or Lumineuse PM?!?

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Empreinte speedy 25 or lumineuse pm

  1. Speedy 25

  2. Lumineuse PM

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I thought I had my heart set on the empreinte speedy 25 but after seeing all the gorgeous pictures of the lumineuse at the clubhouse, my heart is lusting after both bags now. Would you lovely ladies prefer the empreinte speedy or lumineuse in aurore? TIA
  2. Lumi - love the look of it!
  3. Speedy! Classic and you can wear it three different ways!
  4. They're both gorgeous, but my vote goes to the Speedy. There's just something about it that makes my heart skip a beat ;)
  5. complete dif styles lumi is more of a tote bag to me however i would go with the speedy emp for its versatility
  6. Lumi!
  7. :speedy:
  8. Speedy.
  9. Speedy!
  10. I have both (emp speedy in 30), and I still wouldnt change what I got first- the Lumi.
    While the speedy is versatile, I think the Lumi is still prettier.

  11. +1
  12. My vote goes to speedy empreinte due to it's versatility. You can wear it for day or night... The Lumi is too casual with it's tote style for evening use IMO... It's gorgeous too though, I debated on buying it over my speedy.
  13. Speedy. :biggrin:

  14. I agree that the lumi might be a bit casual. Do you the aurore would be suitable to bring to a wedding?
  15. Speedy for sure!