Empreinte Speedy 25 or 30?

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  1. Hello ladies! I am getting an Empreinte Speedy in the next month or so for my graduation and I have been debating between 25 and 30? I have a Speedy B DE in 30, which I love, but I do find a bit big on my frame. I think both sizes are great, but I worry about getting 25 and regretting 30 or vice versa. I am picking the color Infini before the stock depletes in US. What do you guys think?? I'm 5'0 and 105lbs.
  2. If you already think 30 is big for your frame, the 25 might be the better option. I'd try on both sizes in person before making a definite decision though.

  3. Yeah, I have already actually. A few times. I guess I'm just being indecisive. :/ 30 doesn't look too too large when I have it in the crook of my arm. It's just huge when I wear it crossbody.
  4. since you already have a 30 i would go with the 25 n plus it looks cuter smaller

  5. I think so too! It actually fits a lot, too! I was able to fit everything I needed to in the 25. I'm definitely leaning heavily to the 25. My SA loves the 25 on me. I just want to be sure about the size and make sure I won't regret the size.
  6. I prefer the 25.
  7. 25 for sure - love mine...😜😍

  8. Ooh, post pictures! :smile: What color? What do you normally put inside?

  9. I think I do as well in the empreinte.
  10. How funny, I just posted a few modeling pics of the 25 over in the Club House. I absolutely love the 25. This is the Emp Speedy 25 in Celeste using the shorter strap.

    BTW it holds everything that much larger bags hold. It's an amazing Speedy IMO!

    For reference I am 5' 6" and a size 10.

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  11. Oh, it looks so pretty on you! That is the key chain I love for the bag too. :biggrin: Thank you so much for posting mod shots. I was fairly surprised at how much the 25 could fit when I played around with it!
  12. I have infini in 25. I am 5'0 and 97lbs. I am so glad that I got 25, since I already have mon mono 30 and that felt bit too big for me. Plus, speedy is so much cuter in 25 IMO.
  13. You are welcome. If you go on over to the Speedy B Emp Club House I list all of the items that this little jewel will hold. It's amazing!

    For your size I think the 30 would just be too large, especially cross body. Go for the 25! So you're thinking of the Infini? I think that would be great! ;)

  14. Yeah, I'm usually overwhelmed by my Speedy 30, especially when wearing it cross body. It definitely looks much cuter in 25! ;) Thank you for sharing so I have a better idea what people my size are wearing. That helps a lot!

  15. I definitely will go check that out! Yeah, I think so too now. Yesss, I love the infini! My SA is stalking the numbers left so I won't miss out on it and will still have enough to choose from since I'm so picky. I just like it better than the black because I personally think the infini already looks black to me, but has more dimension at the same time in different lights.