Empreinte Secret Long Wallet or Sarah in Infini or in Monogram Canvas? PLEASE HELP!


Mar 3, 2011
I need a new wallet but I cannot decide between the Empreinte Secret Long wallet or Sarah, Alexandra wallet in Mono, Zippy mono.

I like the accessibility of the Sarah wallet, however many are saying that the button falls off, the corners may start to curl, or the rubber on the side may start to crack due to constant opening and closing of the wallet. Nevertheless, the solution to the cracking would be to get an empreinte infini sarah wallet which has (12 card slots) and is more supple than the canvas.

Love the number of card slots in the Alexandra (13), however have not been able to get my hands on it at the lv store because it is out of stock. So I am not sure how big or wide the wallet is. For you ladies that own this wallet what is your opinion? I do not care if bills are folded or not.

I Like the security of the zippy (8) but the monogram is accordion style where as the empreinte secret long wallet (10) opens flat like the zippy organizer.
The mono zippy canvas seems more durable than the empreinte leather, to those of you who own either of theses or both is there one you prefer over the other?
Also do you prefer accordion style or opening flat? Which is more comfortable?

My concern is wear, functionality and practicality. I do my best to take great care with all my items and will be investing in a wallet for the long haul.

-Which wallet do you think would be the best wallet?
Sarah or Secret Long(Empreinte), Zippy mono, or Alexandra mono

1. Which do you think is better empreinte leather or canvas?
2. Opening flat or accordion style wallet?

I appreciate all your advice & thank you!:smile:


Yogi Mama
Dec 9, 2010
Always in Zen
I prefer leather over canvas because of the smell and i feel it more luxurious.
I like both zippy and sarah style wallets but i'm very anal about wallets opening flat and a non-accordian style slots .. I do not like them at all. I dont like people peeking into my wallet which i feel the flat wallets opens for everyone to see. And the tight slots in the empreinte secrete is hard to look at notes to be pulled out.
I had and sold the alexandra, while i loved the fatness of the wallet, i discovered i didn't like my notes folded.

I absolutely love the mahina iris which has 14 card slots and is a sarah type wallet. And for zippys i love the pomme vernis.

Hope that helps!

P/s - there is no sarah in infini .. ? The new empreinte wallet is a trifold wallet that opens flat, the picture makes it look like a sarah but it's just half open, not fully open. Good luck!!


Nov 16, 2010
1. I prefer Empreinte secret long wallet coz of the leather. It's just soo gorgeous, worth every penny..
2. This was my dilemma when I picked up my secret long wallet.. I really wanted how the zippy works but I picked up the secret long wallet instead as it looks more durable and the color is just gorgeous. You can also wear it as a clutch. I still like how it works, there are 10 CC slots (I don't have a hard time taking them in and out at all.), there's a zipped coin compartment and additional 2 compartments. I don't see any problem with my wallet opening flat at all.. I can actually still open it like the zippy and can still get what I need in my wallet without opening it flat.

Hope that helps..


Jan 11, 2008
Out of the ones you have listed, I like the empriente wallet best. The leather is gorgeous!

I thought I wanted the Alexandra wallet too - until I saw it in the store, and saw the size of the ID window (huge) and it put me off buying it.


Jan 8, 2012
New York
I love the Sarah wallet. It you treat it gently and don't overstuff, you can avoid many of those problems. As a similar priced alternative, I have the mono international wallet. I love the snap compartment inside and the way it opens :smile:

Can anyone suggest a canvas that would watch with my mono and damier ebene bags..


Sep 20, 2011
I didn't know the secret opens flat. I love wallets that open flat; they're so much easier to use IMO. I love empreinte as well so the Secret gets my vote.