Empreinte quality - can anyone chime in?

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  1. Curious as to how emp is holding up - more for the people who have owned emp for a while now. I heard about the glazing issues but recently read about peeling leather!

    So, how are your bags/purses/ wallets holding up? Or have you returned your emp pieces and made other purchases instead?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Anyone? Sorry to bump so soon but really interested to know other peoples experiences
  3. I don't have a bag and I'm careful with my things (without babying them), but I do have a Curieuse wallet in Terre and it still looks and smells brand new (granted, I do not use it every single day, but still).
  4. So good to hear! I had done very little research on this line and then suddenly came upon a thread where people were returning emp items here there and everywhere! Glad to know that the wallets hold up well at least. How long have you had it, if you don't mind me asking?
  5. I have three empreinte wallets and a speedy 25 bandouliere. The only issues I have had are the glazing of the wallet cracking (I have the aube curieuse wallet) this is due to opening of the wallet. I have had this wallet for over a year. I recently purchased another curieuse wallet in orient so I guess the issue for me is not that big of a deal. I have not had any problems with the leather. On my speedy, the only wear to the bag is on the corner piping, that too is minimal and it doesn't bother me. I have had my speedy for over a year and have used it a lot. I would have to say this is the best leather and it is beautiful!!
  6. Thank you so much for this helpful response. I'm quite concerned about the cracking on wallets actually. This is one of the things that has put me off. Did you use it often before it cracked? I just don't want to pay quite a high amount and then be driving back and forth to lv with issues. As you say though, it can't be too bad if you've purchased another :biggrin:
  7. I actually used the wallet daily. It did take quite some time before I noticed any cracking issues. I can upload a photo when I get home later this afternoon.
  8. I also just bought the empreinte zippy wallet in black and it came in today!! Guess you can say I'm a little crazy for this line :smile:
  9. That's a relief. I hope that if I do have any issues, they will resolve them anyway! Oh yes please, it would be much appreciated :biggrin:
  10. Haha it must be pretty good then! Congrats on your lovely new zippy!
  11. I love the line and still feel it's my other all weather bag. I did have 2 separate issues with an Aube and Infini lumi but they seem to be part of a defective batch. I have an artsy and another lumi and their both doing well thus far few months in, artsy regular use, lumi only a few times.
  12. Thank you for your reply. Yes I heard about the lumi issues - hopefully this has been sorted now. Such a shame that a wonderful leather can be ruined by poor glazing but so glad to hear that your lumi and artsy are now holding up well :smile:
  13. Hi there,

    I don't have an empreinte wallet (yet! 😉), but I do have other LV wallets in various materials, prints, and styles, so I thought I would chime in on the glazing dilemma. I don't think that this issue is specific to the empreinte leather. Rather, I think it is a problem due to the opening/closing of the wallet in general. I have had to send 2 of my wallets in for reglazing (one of them was sent in twice, in fact!) I treat my wallets well, but I refuse to constantly baby what I should be enjoying (a wise TPFer said this in a thread, and I truly took it to heart! Lol). It is normal wear and tear IMO, and LV will gladly send them in to be re-glazed. It usually costs about $100, but mine have always been complimentary. Others have said they believe reglazing is like the regular maintenance for a car (ie oil change). I hope I didn't confuse with this message. Just dish want you to be deterred due to a problem that can happen with all materials. Good luck!
  14. I've had no Citadine for just over two years. The straps cracked a bit. But otherwise, the bag is perfect.
  15. Here are the pics of my wallet. Just like someone said this happens with most wallets not just the empreinte line. HTH

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