Empreinte owners

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  1. I bought my first empreinte piece 2 weekends ago, right before the price increase (my speedy empreinte noir).... I started using it today, and of course I'm in LVoe. This might be a weird question, but do your empreinte pieces keep that amazing leather smell? Or does it fade away?
  2. Unfortunately it fades away, but only after quite a while. How I wish that divine smell would stay forever!
  3. Bummer!! That smell is soooooo amazing!!
  4. Code:

    After 8 months mine still had that fantastically Devine leather smell ahhhhhh:heart:
  5. It does eventually fade away. 😥
  6. Mine was made in mid 2011 and it still smell WONDERFUL!!!
    Maybe because I only use it maybe once a month.
    Sometimes I go in my closet and open her dust bag just to take a smell!!
    Is that weird?? :lol:
  7. I do the same thing with my wallet when she is not in use, so you are not alone!
  8. I got my wallet in Nov.... It still smells amazing! My new Speedy b does not have as much of a smell as the wallet but still smells good. :smile:
  9. Lmao!! Not at all.... I do the same thing. My hubby even picked it up last night cause it was sitting on my dresser and he said, "Wow this bag smells so good."
  10. Is your speedy b the empreinte leather or canvas?
  11. I actually have both... Got the new Speedy Emp. In Noir and I also have a mon mono Speedy b. In canvas.
  12. Oh man I love that smell. I keep them in their dust bags when not in use, so so far they still smell fantastic! I don't want it to ever go away. :smile:

  13. Strangely, my new emp speedy (which I think the op, you and I- all have the same black one) doesn't have as strong of a scent as my Lumi or metis did for the first couple of months. My emp wallet started losing its scent about a year after I first got it (I think).
  14. If choosing between the two which would you recommend purchasing first? Do you even carry your canvas now that you have the empreinte?
  15. Maybe it has something to do with the dye in the different colors?:thinking: