Empreinte or Mono zippy wallet

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  1. I just got a new métis and want to get a new wallet. I have a mono zippy that has to be 15 years old by now but it only has 2 credit card slots. The wallet is in a amazing condition actually looks almost new but I need a wallet now with more credit card slots. I love the empreinte leather and think it's beautiful in the wallets but and wondering how durable it is and does it scratch and mark up easily? Tia

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  2. Empreinte zippy all the way. It's calf leather so very durable!
  3. Empriente Zippy - love it!
  4. empreinte all the way! so durable and so pretty!!!
  5. Empreinte!! I would be a nice contrast!! :smile:
  6. Funny you ask, because I was just looking at my Curieuse wallet and noticing how well it is wearing! I have had it for maybe half a year, and, no joke, it looks like I just walked out of the store with it. No scratches, worn corners....nothing. And that's with continuous use. It's also a color that would show wear and dirt easily (Jaipur).

    If you have the chance to get leather, go for it! I love LV leather. You won't regret it!

  7. The curie use was the other wallet I was thinking about. I'm just concerned it might be to small but I love how you can take the change purse out when not need. How does it compare to the zippy size wise?

  8. Stupid auto correct I meant curieuse
  9. empreinte
  10. I'm thrilled to hear this. I'm really wanting an Emp wallet in Neige and this makes me feel a bit better about how it will hold up.

    I'm so glad your Jaipur is still looking like new!

    OP go for Empreinte!
  11. Thanks for your review! I have recently replaced my canvas Zippy's with Empreinte but have been wondering about how they will wear. I've read about a few other members having their Emp wallets over a year and they still look new (which is why I decided to buy). I love the look and feel of the Emp wallets and I'm happy to hear that they are wearing well.
  12. I'd vote for Curieuse in empreinte too. Many beautiful Colors to choose from

  13. Neige is an amazing color! Have seen the Artsy in this color out and about...I have been too scared of how light it is, though, to purchase anything.
  14. I'm torn now between the zippy and curieuse. I've had a mono zippy for so long I'm thinking maybe time for a change. Does anyone know if the curieuse is the same length as zippy or pretty close?
  15. Empreinte is beautiful. My Infini Virtuose gets tossed around in my Speedy with no issues so far but it is new so time will tell.