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  1. #1 Jan 21, 2020
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2020
    Hi, everyone. I made an impulse buy and purchased the new OnTheGo in noir. It's a beautiful bag but I'm comparing it to the Hermes Garden Party and am not sure which I prefer. The OTG is much more structured and formal looking than the GP. I worry about the sharp edges on the OTG. Any thoughts? 20200121_205028.jpg 20200121_205014.jpg
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  2. I am a fan. I saw this online and I am dying to own it!

    I figured it’s the best work tote!

    I love the edges! Not folded!!
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  3. True, I just worry that they'll be easily scuffed since so sharp.

    QUOTE="Meesh202, post: 33568495, member: 513736"]I am a fan. I saw this online and I am dying to own it!

    I figured it’s the best work tote!

    I love the edges! Not folded!![/QUOTE]
  4. [/QUOTE]
    I have to go see it in person. I find that back stunning.
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  5. It is beautiful.
  6. I would rather the Garden Party. Hermès is just more sophisticated.
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  7. You know I have pneumonia and I’m already texting to see who wants to hit the store tomorrow so I can nap in the car in Boston traffic.... lol
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  8. I'm so sorry that you're sick! I'm in MA, too. If you can't find it in the store let me know.
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  9. Thank you for your input, I value your point of view. I was afraid you would say that about the Garden Party. I was an LV lover for years but now that Hermes has turned my head I'm having a hard time going back.
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  10. The two bags have different carry options. I’d go with the one you find easier to carry.

    Garden party is a tote. OTG with the longer straps will hang very differently when you carry it with those longer straps. Which is more comfortable for you?
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  11. Thanks! I will!!
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  12. A very logical question that is being thwarted by my bag snobbery. The OTG would be easier to carry because of the long straps. I do wish that the long straps were more substantial, somehow their thinness makes them look cheap to me. On the other hand, the GP could hold more because it's not as structured.

    I think that if I'm waffling this much I should return the OTG.

  13. I am 99% sure the otg will be my next bag. Not a fan of garden party.
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  14. I have 2 GP's (the size most comparable to the OTG) and of course I love them but I can see the OTG filling a different niche being it is more structured and has the shoulder strap option which the GP does not (I mean- yeah, you can wear GP over your shoulder if you are thin and maybe sleeveless- but it is really a hand-held or wrist tote).

    The OTG is the next bag I will buy- just waiting for the canvas version that speaks to me. I am sort of liking the blue tie-dye- could be a cool blue-jean casual look.
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  15. Generally, yes- Hermes is a refined and elegant brand but the GP is a very casual unstructured bag- one of their more accessible bags. "Sophisticated casual" strikes me as an oxymoron.
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