Empreinte NeoNoe?

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  1. I absolutely agree with a lot of comments posted thus far! I'm worried about corner wear on this. I'm on the fence about this bag. I have a few Empreinte items and I think this version might could possibly get more wear on the top opening and bottom of the bag. I've seen certain areas of wear on a few of my items that I wasn't expecting yet...
  2. Beautiful!!! Hopefully in rosé ballerine :angel:
  3. Well, I do not want to see the corner wear...
  4. I can't wait to see this in person. I am staying away from stores now due to the coronavirus. I wonder if this bag is heavier than the canvas one. I have the Monogram with black trim NeoNoe and LOVE it. If it is heavier than the canvas one I probably would not get it.
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  6. I am surprised for no Empreinte Neverfull? lol
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  7. Any idea of other colors are coming?
  8. I really like this bag but concerned that the embossing will get “flat” since the bag is soft. Not sure if it would age well. Love the concept though
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  9. Purple and berry would be beautiful
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  10. I returned one today. Wasn’t too impressed. I think I would have kept it if I really loved it.
    Your right tho, a warmer brighter colour would have appealed more. The black was dull.
    I don’t be making another purchase until we return to some normality.
    Be careful Be safe.
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  11. I have the empreinte zippy wallet and the logos have definitely flattened out around the spine and corners, but wallets suffer more friction inside bags. I like the red interior but it's a bit too similar to the Mansur Gavriel black/flamma combo bucket bag which I'm tired of.
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