Empreinte NeoNoe?

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  1. I remember seeing something on tPF about an empreinte NeoNoe being released soon. But I can't remember which thread it was in! Does anyone have any information about it? Thanks!
  2. Foxy on Insta only had a couple of blurry pics and people were *****ing her out in the comments for not having better pics. :facepalm: I don't think I've seen any further info on it yet, but someone else may know.
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  3. Following. It’s the next one I want!
  4. Me too!!! I haven’t had my eye on anything until I heard about this bag. I really hope it comes out soon!!
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  5. I got the email for the pre launch today it’s still available when I click the link but it’s not available via the website alone
  6. USD$2,570. They are online on USA site right now. I like Marin Rouge the best. Black isn't bad either. Will not consider Creme.

    louis-vuitton--M45306_PM2_Front view.jpg louis-vuitton--M45306_PM1_Worn view.jpg louis-vuitton--M45306_PM1_Interior view.jpg louis-vuitton--M45256_PM2_Front view.jpg louis-vuitton--M45256_PM1_Worn view.jpg louis-vuitton--M45256_PM1_Detail view.jpg
  7. I like it but I’m not in a hurry to get one. I wish they’d release some colourful ones like purple, berry, green or yellow! The black/marine has been rehashed so many times, its not that appealing (to me) anymore...
  8. I totally agree, I like empreinte but they need to release them in a wider range of colours. The marine/rouge combo has been done to death. Why can't they release a marine only or rouge only one.
  9. These empreinte neo noe are available now as pre launch but I'm holding out to see if they release some other colours later.
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  10. Yes, more colors needed for sure!
  11. Love it! But can't believe I just bought a monogram Neo Noe a couple months back :amazed: I would've much preferred this
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  12. The creme one is beautiful but I see clothes transfer all over that one.

    I will also wait to see what other colors are released.
  13. The same sort of thing happened to me, I got the on the go tote gym in empreinte but then the epic leather mm came out and if I had known I probably would have waited and just got the epi mm tote as I prefer the colour of the lining more. It's kind of annoying not knowing in advance what colours and styles will be available in your locality.
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  14. Also I think this bag needs feet.
  15. Agreed! I find that feet are missing from quite a number of bags that (I think) should have them. And not just LV!