Empreinte Mazarine or the new speedy 25?

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  1. Hi, I saw the Mazarine last August in the store and liked it ever since. I wanted to get the Mazarine in taupe when I was in Hawaii in June, but there is no more in the taupe color. Now that I saw the new speedy and the new color Mastic which was described as a taupey grey/nude color. This sounds right my alley! The problem is, I'm not sure which purse will be more useful or iconic.. I really like the number of pockets in the new speedy.. the Mazarine only has one internal pocket, no zip pocket.. Any suggestion/opinions are greatly appreciated!

  2. I will say....speedy B 25....you will Love the practical usage and look in this bag,I love it so much,I didn't think I was going to like it that much
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  3. [​IMG]
    I'm in the same boat. I'm not usually into the Speedy but am drawn to this one yet also love the look of the Mazarine. Mastic is a beautiful color
  4. For look and style I like the Mazarine more, but for practical maybe the speedy?
  5. Is the Mazarine in the picture in Mastic as well?
  6. Rose71 - exactly! I love the style and look of the Mazarine more.. does anyone know if the Speedy 25 is as roomy as the Mazarine PM?
  7. Yes it is and I thought it was more lilac looking than the speedy irl
  8. I have the Mazarine PM and also the old model Emp Speedy 25. I truly love the look of the mazarine more and she wears better cross body as she doesn't stick out as far. Mazarine also has a reinforced bottom so there's no sagging (which I don't like) I also find the Mazarine lighter but I do have the older model speedy. I think they both hold the same amount however I find the Mazarine SO much easier to get into and out of!!! That's the biggest complaint is the double zipper on the speedy which makes it a two hand job to open. Mazarine has the magnet in the centre so it closes all by itself. If I want to do up the zippers, i can do it in a snap with the bag still on my shoulder. LOVE the Mazarine so much more than the new Speedy or the old model! GL :smile:
  9. I love the classic look of the Speedy.....
  10. i like the look of the mazarine more, except that two zips on the top which deterred me from this bag. it is a more feminie shape, compared to the speedy which looks bulkier. (though i just bought the new speedy 20 in noir, a smaller size means it doesn't stick out that much from my body)

    try both styles out and consider what you will use the bag for..

    mastic is a dreamy colour!
  11. I love the Speedy especially with those outside slip pockets. I vote Speedy.
  12. Speedy!
  13. Speedy :smile:
  14. I just love my speedy in mastic! Got so many compliments on the color.
  15. Speedy:girlsigh: