Empreinte leather - which is your favorite color?

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  1. I have an Empreinte Speedy 30 in Havane and absolutely love the bag. but i can be honest and say the color is not that pretty. it's just a plain neutral tan color which is why i chose it. i wanted a light color leather bag for Spring and Summer, a color that would go with everything.

    this has made me start really looking at the different colors and wondering what color to get next (someday). this was my first Empreinte piece and definitely won't be my last. so my question is: which is your favorite color and why?
  2. That is a hard question!

    I just bought a zippy emp wallet in infini and am getting the matching speedy next week for my birthday :yahoo: I chose infini for similar reasons as you, I wanted it to go with everything. But if I could afford it, I would buy every single color.

    My next two favorites are aurore, and orient. I love those because aurore is such a rich beautiful jewel tone and orient would be such a fun pop of color to spice up an outfit. I'm so sad they discontinued the petillante, I hope they make more clutches in this material and then maybe I will be able to own an emp bag in the colors I like. I could justify buying these brighter colors in a small clutch style bag, but for a larger everyday bag I need mine to go with everything I wear!
  3. Infini, Aurore and Aube! I would likely end up with a bag in Infini or Aube though, they would go with anything in my closet.
  4. Infini is a neutral with so much depth. I prefer it over plain black (which will be released soon and replace infini). It changes color in different lights and is just absolutely beautiful. I love my infini artsy.

    I also love orient for a small pop of color! Maybe the speedy 25b?
  5. I love Infini, Neige and Orient...
  6. i do love the Infini too! i didn't chose this color because i already have a Bleu Infini (navy) Alma and a Bleu Suhali Lockit (light blue) with my next bag being the Grand Bleu Brea. i just couldn't justify another blue bag :P

    it seems like a really poplular color yet rumor has it that LV is discontinuing the Infini.
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    I own the Infini and love it because it goes with everything and has some depth to it, but Orienit is so fun. I just can't spend $3K on an orange bag because I wouldn't use it much, but I think it's a lovely color. So.....Infini is my favorite, and Orient is my most admired. I would LOVE if they would do a Cherry Red!!
  8. Hands down, Aube!
  9. aube
  10. Celeste
  11. My favorite color for leather is dark brown (Earth), but I think the Infini color is a showstopper. For a pop of color I like the Aube, Bronze, and Aurore.
  12. aurore and earth.
  13. It's weird because my favorite Empreinte color (Aube) is not one of the one's I own. I own Infini and Earth because I can use these colors more often. It was important to me to be able to wear my Empreinte Speedy's everyday, no matter what colors I am wearing...so I went neutral. If I were to get another Emp Speedy, it would be a pop of color. As of right now, it would be Aube but I'm not 100% since new colors may come out soon.
  14. Aurore, Celeste and aube are my favorites but I really like every empreinte color. I'd like to add an Infini piece soon!
  15. I think favorite color would be whatever works for your wardrobe. Mine are Ombre and Aube. Ombre because it's neutral. Aube because I love purple. I also like Aurore, but it doesn't work for my wardrobe. Would love to have some SLG in this color though.