Empreinte leather: questions...

Apr 25, 2015
Dear LV lovers,
I'm going to buy an empreinte bag in the new pink color (rose poudre) and (as some of you already know) I'm torn between the Speedy 25 and the Montaigne BB.
Basically I think that the Speedy would fit my needs better, but I hesitate for 2 reasons:
1. the new model doesn't have feet and I'm afraid that the bottom would get dirty very easily (while the Montaigne has feet)
2. I'm afraid the Speedy wouldn't keep its shape over time.

Having said that, I would like to know form the ones of you who have/had any empreinte bag in a light color (like dune, mastic, neige, etc.) and WITHOUT feet, how the bottom holds up.
About the new Speedy, I've heard someone saying that it keeps its shape better than the previous model. If anyone of you owns a new Speedy, what are your thoughts about this particular aspect?

Thanks in advance!