Empreinte Glazing Issue

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  1. I’ve recently returned my Speedy 25 empreinte to LV because of a glazing issue on the handles and straps. Unfortunately they weren’t able to repair it and the colour I had is not available anymore
    I’ve read this has happened before so hopefully it’s rectified in current products!

    They have given me store credit but I am reluctant to purchase it again even though I love the bag!
    I was looking at the Pochette Metis empreinte instead. Has anyone experienced glazing issues with this bag?
    Thank you!
  2. The glazing formula was changed so this shouldn’t happen anymore. If you prefer the speedy I would get that one.
    I have not seen any posts about bad glazing on the empreinte PM.
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  3. Thank you! The one I returned was from 2013 - I think that was an unfortunate batch regarding the glazing. Sounds like they have fixed it.
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  4. Yes I believe that 2013 was the year in which the glazing was really bad. It should be good now.
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  5. Exactly, you are right!
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  6. Hi!
    May i know where you live? I never had issues with my speedy and fascinante until recently due to our summer has been very hot and humid. I live in Montreal, canada. I want to bring to LV and show them, im just worried they will say it is wear and tear, which I think it is a defect more since tge glazing melted on my blouse
  7. Take your bag to your local store and show them the glazing issue. They should be able to help you. If the first SA you talk to tells you it's normal wear and tear, ask to speak to someone else.

    How old are your bags?
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  8. I bought the speedy in dec 2014 and fascinante in feb 2015, these were my 2 first empreinte pieces. My other empreintes glazing are fine.
  9. I bought it in Sydney Australia March 2013. Think it was one of the first models and they don’t have the deep purple colour anymore. I used it almost everyday when I worked in an office so it was always sitting on my desk, it was very well taken care of. I hardly ever used the shoulder straps with them.
    The first time I noticed sticky glazing was early 2016, i was out for dinner, it was a warm evening but nothing out of the ordinary. I didn’t use it much after that because I stopped working in an office and the bag wasn’t practical for everyday use. I always kept it in its bag in a cool spot in my cupboard. I took it out a few times to the shops (in air condition) and the glazing got worse, it was obviously melting.

    I figured I’d take it into the store and see if they could fix it but unfortunately couldn’t :sad: they’ve given me store credit so I’m trying to figure out what I should get. I think you should take it in. It sounds like a bad batch of glazing issues.
  10. Hi there! May I ask what other empreintes pieces you have, and when did you purchase them? I love the empreintes but worried the glazing will happen again.
  11. So they just give you credit without you asking for it?
  12. I bought the bagatelle dec 2015, montaigne may 2016, spontini sept 2016 clemence, key cle, felicie, i dont remember when but they were all after 2015
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  13. Amazing--the glazing problem happened on my Azur Speedy from 2015-not only did they not offer store credit, they charged me $120 to replace the handles.....I also own Speedy Emp in Infini and holding my breath on that one--
  14. Poor you, looks like depends on the store. Im going today, hopefully they wont brush me off after so many stuffs i bought from them
  15. The azur speedy has another type of glazing and it did not have the same issues as the empreinte leather glazing from around 2013. This is probably the reason that they charged you for the repair.

    For me after more than two months of it being in repairs my bag was deemed defective (montaigne GM in terre) which means I will be offered store credit for the full amount. I’m very happy with how LV and my SA especially (she tried to get it fixed as I really love the bag colour) handled this! Now the search for a new bag begins.
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