Empreinte Curiese compact wallet

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  1. Does anyone know if this wallet comes in black or amethyst? I don't see either online and I'm 6 hours away from a store. Thanks
  2. I didn't see either color available online...I don't think it was introduced in those colors..
    • They make both. :smile: My SA sent me pictures earlier in the week of them both. I ended up ordering the black today via phone since she is 9 hours away. HTH!

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  3. Yes, Compact Curieuse comes in both black and amethyste. I saw them in the boutique yesterday. Not sure why they're not available online yet.
  4. Btw it will be $660 USD come Monday.

  5. That amethyste wallet is TDF.
  6. Thanks for the pics...I did not see either color on the website....I really like the amethyste!
  7. Oh great!! I just bought the curiese empreinte in orient 2 weeks ago. Do I need another wallet???? I also have the aube curiese wallet. Is the color difference big enough between aube and amethyst? Did the favorite pm in azure come out this month also? Thank you all for you help!!
  8. It's a gorgeous pop of color! My neutral side won out.:smile: Now if they ever make a true red empreinte like pomme it will be over for me. :graucho:
  9. Your awesome review is what pushed me to order the black. Can't wait to get it :smile:
  10. ]

    I know the feeling trying to decide if another wallet is necessary or not. Haha. I'm not sure how the aube and amethyste compare. I believe I saw somewhere on TPF that the azure in the favorite is being released in April. :smile:
  11. I'm trying to downsize my wallet and just bought one in Amethyst. Very pretty!
  12. Yay! Thanks! I hope you love it when it arrives. The black emp is so classy!
  13. Why isn't the black emp compact wallet online yet? I just got the white on fri and am wondering if I should exchange for the black.
  14. The Aube and Amethyst are very different, so you can definitely justify owning both :graucho: The Aube is much darker, while the Amethyst is actually quite vibrant with more pink undertones. I almost got the Amethyst curieuse compact wallet yesterday, but opted for Grenat instead....still wondering if that was the right decision.