Empreinte color choices

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Which two colors would you choose?

  1. Citrine and Amethyst

  2. Amethyst and Lilas

  3. Lilas and Citrine

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I love the new empreinte colors but now I need to choose which one(s) to buy. I'm most likely getting one bag and one SLG. My color choices are: citrine, amethyst and lilas.

    Which combination is your favorite and which one would you buy as a bag and which one as an SLG?

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  2. I would definitely choose Amethyst (my fave) for a bag and citrine for a slg :smile:
  3. Love lilas.
  4. I completely agree with this combo...classic for the bag and that little something extra special for the SLG!
  5. Amethyst bag and Lilas slg bc citrine will show dirt more
  6. +1
  7. I would chose amethyst bag and lilas SLG, I think they go well together. If you don't want to have matching items, I prefer citrine SLG.
  8. I love the lilas has a blue undertone which will go with more out-fits...so this for the bag,,,now for the SLG...as much as I love the citrine ..I am thinking how dirty it will get inside my bag ..color transfer as well..soooooooooooo I would go with the amethyst..:smile:
  9. Most love for amethyst so far, everybody would choose it. But citrine and lilas are very close for second place…
  10. Amethyst bag and Lilas SLG both colors are so pretty
  11. i like vernis Citrine better
  12. I would choose Amethyst for a bag and Citrine for SLG just to have a different hue. Even though I love purple, the Lilas in this line just didn't do it for me.
  13. I like the Amethyst for bag and...Amethyst for slg :smile:) hehehe

    Ok, if you insist then I will pick Amethyst and Citrine for combo :smile:)
  14. I like amethyst it won't show dirt as easily.
  15. +1