Empreinte Cles in Rose Ballerine - to return or not to return?! HELP!

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  1. I can't believe that I found this item (at a very small discount) as I've been looking for it for months now.

    Actually, I purchased it twice from the boutique but ended up returning it bc there were parts of it that I wasn't happy with such as glazing, stitching, etc.

    This one is a little less expensive than retail so I was wondering if it's worth keeping or just let it go?

    The stretched stitch and the little mark:

    The slightly ripped glazing:

    Fraying/missing glazing and some fuzzies on the cotton near the zipper...not sure if you'll be able to see it in the pic:

    If not this item, any recommendation for Rose Ballerine SLG? I've jus been wanting one and thought this would be very useful.

    Thank you!!
  2. I would keep or get an epi rose ballerina as I think it is more durable.
  3. I couldn't live with this. Too many issues for me.
  4. Overall it's a beautiful piece! And it's hard to find. You can always get it re-glazed in the future. LV can probably fix that thread for you too. What is the mark? Is it a tear? If it's just a mark I wouldn't be too bothered by it since it's on the inside. I'd bring it in to LV to get a quote on the glazing/stitching repair before letting it go! Also, can you gently use your fingernail to smooth those fuzzy parts? Maybe try "pushing" them under the glazing part.
  5. Any updates?
  6. I ended up returning it...I really want an empreinte piece and a rose ballerine piece but I just don't think it will be this cles, unfortunately. Plus it's pretty impossible to find one now anyways. I got a Neverfull pochette to fulfill my rose ballerine needs, lol. We'll see if I'll need more in the future :smile: