Empreinte Citadine - what is your favorite color?

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  1. For the empreinte citadine, what is your favorite color and why? I am having a very hard time deciding/confirming my decision. I noticed a lot of members love the infini and I tried it on but it seemed like black to me and against the tote, it seemed kind of plain. The orient I love but I'm questioning if it's too much color against some of my wardrobe pieces (I tend to wear dark bottoms and some color on top). I like the aurore but only in certain lighting as sometimes it looks too pink. I can't do whites and feel that the brown and purple won't work either (i feel like brown is too fall/winter and purple isn't really me). So, I'm totally torn and asking for suggestions! My goal is to use it year round and serve as a daily bag. I have medium tan skin and dark hair if that matters. Thanks everyone!!!
  2. Orient is a beautiful color. You would think it is really bright when you see it, but it's pretty when it is an accent piece to your outfit.

    And because Citadine is simple, you can go fun with the color.
  3. Thanks! That's the color I went with but when i put it up against some of colors of my wardrobe (purple, burgundy, etc), I felt like I had too much color on top for some reason. LIke I'm a walking crayon box! :P I wonder if the orient isn't better for a smaller bag that would probably serve more as an accent?

  4. Any pics of your outfits with the orient?
  5. Afraid I'm too lazy for that! :P I just put it up against some things and went, "hmm, maybe too much." But a typical outfit could be navy or black shorts shorts with a coral pink, aqua blue, lilac purple top. I used to wear almost all black and grey and then i'd think this orient would be perfect but within the past year, I've been trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe! How do you feel about the aurore color?

  6. Have you try ombre? The color is lighter than Terre and looks grey under the sunlight.
  7. THis bag is in my wish list and my top color is infini. I think that blue go nice with purples and burgundys
  8. The ombré might have been perfect but they discontinued it. :sad:

  9. I've checked in Malaysia and the color is still available. Maybe you can contact the customer service on the stock availability near you. :smile:

    I recently bought Emp Speedy in Aurore. Love the raspberry color. It can look plum dark or maroonish under different lightings. ;)
  10. does the ombre look brown or grey in daylight would you say?

  11. My friend has the same coloring as you and she also wears blacks and grays, and she bought the Aube (muted purple) Citadine two days ago. The color seemed to go with everything. It is a beautiful bag!
  12. Yes the purple is nice but I am just not a purple person. I will go take a secondlook at it though. Thanks!

  13. Okay I like ombré or Infini. I've only seen ombré in pics and it looks quite nice. Thoughts?
  14. I purchased the infini last week and my friend has the Orient. I would have loved the Orient but it's too bright for me, I just can't rock a colour like that.

    The infini is definitely a dark blue, I've never looked at it and thought it looked black. Midnight blues are my favourite colour so I'm biased though. I have the SC in Cobalt as well, but it took me so long to decide on the cobalt because I felt it was too blue.

    Interestingly, my friend thinks my citadine looks much smaller than hers, even though they are exactly the same. The colour does make a difference.
  15. Interesting point about the size appearance with the darks versus brights. Thanks for your thoughts!