Empreinte Artsy in Aube for birthday? Anyone have mod pics?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    My birthday is at the end of the month and I am deciding between the Artsy in Aube (or possibly one of the neutral shades) or a random pair of Louboutins, the pair depends what Holts has in my size. I'm leaning towards a purse as I haven't actually purchased an LV bag in a year! After getting into Chanel, I find I really miss LV and just trust their quality a lot more right now... Won't be purchasing another Chanel for awhile, will be sticking to building my LV and Louboutin collection.

    Anyone who has the Empreinte Artsy, can you comment on durability? I am looking for an everyday bag if I do choose a bag! Also, anything you like or dislike about this bag in particular? Is Aube a durable colour, transfer wise, etc.?

    Also, can anyone share any modeling pics of the Artsy in Aube? Or any other Empreinte Arsty if you don't have the Aube. That would be greatly appreciated. :heart:

  2. You will love this bag!! I think the artsy empreinte is so versatile and you don't have to worry too much if it gets wet--really a great bag with durable leather and aube is a gorgeous color, especially if it works with your wardrobe. I have the infini artsy, so I will post those pics for you. I am also a louboutin fan, but I have to admit that I would definitely get the LV over the CLs--the quality of my CLs has been declining and it's rare for me to get more than 2 years out of them before they need repaired, not to mention much better resale value with LV--but either wey, happy birthday to you:smile:
    artsy infini 001.JPG artsy infini 003.JPG artsy infini 006.JPG
  3. Wow, it is a beautiful bag, you wear it great! Thank you so much for sharing! :love: The pics are awesome! Mmmm if I didn't already have an Idylle in encre I would seriously consider the Infini, its gorgeous.

    I am definitely leaning towards the Artsy now. That is true about Louboutins and great point, one pair I purchased I had messed up just trying them on for the first time at home...

    How long have you had your Artsy? And does the bag crease much? I try and buy bags that won't age much over the years, I'm assuming the Artsy in Empreinte would age really well but not sure.
  4. Hi--I just purchased my artsy in September, but I have used her almost every day since and she is already beginning to soften. I do own a few empreinte bags and all of them age very well--I had my lumineuse for almost 2 years. This leather is very beautiful and durable and the artsy is just stunning--many TPF members have said that it's their most complimented bag! I haven't had any creasing problems with any of my empreinte bags--the leather is awesome because it actually softens over time and becomes less stiff. The aube is a very popular color and very stunning in this style--I would go for it:smile: I also agree with you about Chanel--I have one Chanel bag but I much prefer my LVs (I actually find Chanel overrated). Have fun deciding!!
  5. Thanks for all the info! How does the bag change when it softens? Does it look any different? Would you say you can dress the bag up much?

    Lol I liked Chanel a lot when I started collecting however the complants in the Chanel subforum on here have completely freaked me out, so I started obsessively scrutinizing my new purchases, which I don't feel like I should have to when I'm spending such money.

  6. ITA Re: Chanel. Regarding empreinte leather, it just becomes less stiff, not overly slouchy like mahina leather. You can definitely dress this bag up or down, which is why I love it so much--very versatile:smile:
  7. Hi beautiful bag!!! I have a question this color is it more of a navy or is it black? Soooooo pretty!!!

  8. It is a very dark navy---but I wear it with black all of the time and it looks black, but when I wear it with navy it looks navy. Everyone who sees it and is not familiar with LV thinks it's a black bag, but it really is a very dark navy. It's really a stunning bag in this color:smile:
  9. Artsy in empreinte is fabulous!!!! It would be a great treat for you! You should definitely get it.
  10. Awesome thank u!!! I'm debating between that and a few other lvs for Xmas:smile: can't decide!
  11. Got mine a couple of days ago....so far I love it...oh yeah it is dark blue..
  12. I can't seem to fix my pix.. sorry for the duplicate pictures...
  13. Did you get your artsy yet?:smile: