Emporio Armani, just cavalli, YSL, OSCAR sunglasses at Marshalls

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  1. clearance on those sunglasses
    Emporio Armani for $40
    YSL $20 or $25, did not buy that, it does not fit me well, but it is cool, maybe i should get it
    OSCAR de la renta ,$8
    just cavalli, one is $10, i should have got that too. i just don't like the color. there is another exactly same one except color, $40
  2. post pics!
    which location?
    I'll hit up my local store and post my finds too!
  3. I wish we had a Marshall's...and decent TJ Maxx...and a Winners...:crybaby: lol Congrats on the good finds!

  4. i don't know how to post pictures :sweatdrop:
    it is erie,pa
  5. no worries, I'll try to get to a Marshalls tomorrow, if there's anything worthy of pics, I'll post it! I'm in SoCal, by the way.
  6. I went to Marshall's over the weekend; they had a decent sale but the ones I wanted (Juicy Couture) weren't discounted :/. I had a sales associate check too...

    If you guys see JC on sale at other locations, lemme know so I can go and berate my Marshall's :p
  7. Last time I got Juicy sunnies for $25 and Gucci for $45..

    There're Diesel, Just Cavalli, YSL, A/X, E/X, Oscar...

    Ps. BTW, some of Juicy sunnies weren't on sale .. (actually, they have 3 - - > 1's on sale, others aren't)
  8. Oh man I wish I can find those things here!
  9. [​IMG]
  10. hoho....i know how to post pics now:yahoo:
  11. oscar for $8
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Bah!! :sad: Anyone know how often Marshall's has designer sunglasses on sale?

    Thanks for paying attn to them, Meeju!
  14. i am going to go get that just cavalli dark redish sunglasses ($10) tomorrow if it is still available. i actually like the black one better which is $40. i even asked the manager yesterday why they are different prices when they are exact same style. Manager said the dark redish one came in earlier than the black one, that is why redish one is on sale earlier