Employee of the month and Jackass 2

  1. okk..so today was a long night..
    i was over at the grove in los angeles and was trying to do a movie marathon..
    wanted to watch departed,employee and texas..
    but end up only watching employee of the month and jackass..:jammin: ..
    employee of the month is ok..
    cute movie..jessica seems weird tho..but the date and everything else was oh so sweeeeeeeet..i would give it a B+..
    jackass is predictably hilarious..and silly.. i would never pay to watch that movie..thank god my friend did..haha..B-
    would loooooooooooove to see departed..heard it's really good!
    regarding texas..just wanted to know what the difference was b/w the first one and the current one...
    let me know what you guys think...
  2. I thought Employee of the Month was a really cute movie... I LOVE Dane Cook,,, and Jessica Simpson,,, I was really impressed with Dane's acting,, and though he did fantastic for his first starring role!! :yes: He is hilarious (check out his cd's/ dvd's) Dax Sheppard was really funny too!! ;)
  3. I'm tempted to see Employee of the Month because of all the clips i've seen of it on Jay Leno and David Letterman...the movie seems very funny..especially the whole ears thing that Jessica Simpson's character has...LOL.

  4. aww,, that's my favorite part with her,, Maybe it's just me,, but I felt like she didn't talk a lot during a lot of scenes of the movie,, definetly go see it :smile: Lots of funny trailers played before it too for upcoming movies also... lol
  5. yessss...
    the ear part is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hihi
    dane cook is c.u.t.e!:P
  6. I love when Dane got up at 6:59 AM and puts his hand over the alarm clock to stop it as soon as the alarm goes off at 7!! haha
  7. Jackass was the best! A+++!
  8. saw employee of the month last night... terrible.