Employee Drug test?

  1. Hi..I am just wondering if Macy's give new hired employees drug test? Thanks
  2. Why don't you ask Macy's? My bet is they do. Why do you ask?
  3. :p;):sneaky:
  4. lol, why do you think?
  5. ;)
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  7. I knew a doctor who took some stuff to pass his drug test....made him really sick though.
  8. lol, almost all major employers are going to drug test you.
  9. come to think of it, maybe not. an old boss of mine smokes pot like a fiend, and she got hired at bloomingdales not too long ago. she didn't say she had to stop smoking, and i saw her smoke soon afterward. macys and bloomies are both owned by federated department stores, so they may have the same policy.
  10. you sound very reasonable, they are owned by federated department stores, I am just nervoused....:sweatdrop: Many people would think Macy's and Bloomingdale would def give out drug test because they are big and retail companies... but I could be wrong....Maybe your boss took some drinks before the test. My ex used to work at MAC and YSL at macy's and she did not get a test...but i got a job as a designer, so maybe it's a different story?

  11. Yep!!
  12. Ya know, I never get this. I have no issues with doing drugs, but really, if you're applying for jobs, is it that hard to put down the pipe for a month...or the straw for a week? I really have no sympathy for people who are like "I'm getting a drug test tomorrow. How can I beat it?" Well, try not being a dumb ass and stop doing drugs until you get hired and take the test.
  13. ^ ITA
  14. Even if they do theres ways around it. not that I'm conding those type of things *cough*
  15. Oh, it's quite easy. My cousin is one of those dumb asses who can't put the straw down for a week, so in the past, I stupidly agreed to supply him with a sample. He'd just put it in his boxer briefs and take it out when needed. They don't pat you down or anything like that.
    Now that I've told him I'm not going to help him (enable), he gets it from the net. Yes, they sell clean urine over the internet.