Employee Discounts

  1. Someone briefly mentioned this in another thread and it got me to thinking. They mentioned their SA's employee discount at LV. What other designers offer discounts to employees? Chanel? Coach? etc etc.

    I just recently quit my job, and I was thinking that getting a part time job at one of these to get a discount for a while might not be a bad idea! :lol:
  2. If you work at a mojor department store like Bloomingdales they give employees a discount on everything no matter what department you work in, and they have special sales where employees get even more off.
  3. My friend used to work at Marshall Field (now Macys) and she gets 30% discount of everything (including stuffs from LV counter) but limited to $1000 of total spending.
  4. Nordstroms give a 30% discount. but on the high end items, you are limited to a certain amount a year.
  5. Macy's employees get 20% off at all Macy's & Bloomingdale's locations. I don't know if we still get the discount off the LV counter at the Macy's in Herald Square (it's a leased dept) but we use to.
  6. my friend works at an LV boutique at Saks.. he gets 30% lv and 30% in Saks .. but only 20% in other boutiques, ie chanel, ysl, etc.
  7. this a yummy thread!

    apparently, gucci gives you 50% off, corporate? and 40% off for sales? that is the rumor but i have a friend whose friend used to work at gucci and she says it's 50%

    and macy's is 20% as well as bloomies. even for corporate people so i have no idea where the 30% comes from.

    gap is 50% with about 6 for tops/bottoms, 3 accessories, etc. and they get 30% at BR and 20% at old navy but combined together they're limited to 6 a month

    BR is 50%

    old navy is 40%

    forever is 10 or 20% i forget, probably 10%

    abercrombie is 50% 3 items a floorset, 30% for rest.
    ruehl 50%
    hollister 40%
  8. Ooooh, thanks for the replies so far everyone!! Do you have to be a full time employee to get the discount?

    Anyone know what the Chanel discount is? :graucho:

    I wonder if people frequently take jobs at these places just to get the discount for a while, and then quit? I also wonder if there is a trial period of employment before you get the discount?
  9. well i dont know where you live but searle nyc has TONS of stores ALL over manhattan like 20 locations or something crazy
    and they have designer clothes and designer bags, botkier, kooba, etc,,, and they get 50% off merchandise!!!!!! ;)
    just a heads up if you are in NYC its amazing!!!
  10. I have a friend that works in Chanel, and she definitely gets discount. She gets it for dirt cheap too. Like $75. But those are for sample sale bags or sale bags. For regular price bags, I don't know how steep the discount is. My other friend use to work at Coach, and he also got discounts. I think for most, if not all, designers offer employee discounts.
  11. Good discount given to LV employees - this should assist the Staff to purchase LV's.
  12. Yes, Gucci SAs get 50% off.... I was friends with a couple (shopped too much) and one even offered to let me use his discount!
  13. NM is 30%, even on top of sale :p
  14. Geez, makes me want to get a part-time job at one of these places but then I would really be broke!