Employee Discount?

  1. Do you get a discount when you work at Coach? Also is there a limit on how many items you can buy each month?
  2. The discount is 50-65% off. Not sure about the item limitation though.
  3. Yup, there are several threads on this already.

    I'm still drooling over that gorgeous discount...I'd never bring a paycheck home!
  4. OMG I have to get a job there NOW!
  5. There are very specific/strict limitations on items purchased with an employee discount, it varies on position.
  6. Yes...and I also heard that when there is a new floorset they have to "wait" for a certain period of time before they can purchase anything new with their discount.
  7. I heard it's 50% and only one item a month total 10 items a year. This from a friend SA.
  8. That's totally reasonable, and it makes sense. The limitations keep people from reselling. What's the limit on accessories? I know I'd go nuts for the charms and stuff at 50% off. But one a month seems harsh.

  9. yes, that is right. They have to wait 30 days...what my SA told me.
  10. That employee discount is awesome.
  11. That is one fabulous discount!! :smile:
  12. one item per month?
    what about a bag and matching wallet.
    that should count as one, since its a set, right? :sweatdrop:
  13. Discounts must vary depending on store or state or something... My brother was a part-time SA and he wasn't limited to one bag a month. He was alloted X amount of bags, wallets, accessories, etc. per quarter or something to that extent. Also, it was 50% the outlet and 40% off the boutiques for him. Or was it 60% off the outlet and 50% off the boutiques? I can't remember, it was years go. But it was one or the other. Unfortunately there wasn't anything I wanted during the time he worked for the company, but one of my best friends got a bag and matching envelope wallet.
  14. hey at least they can go to another store and buy more if they fill their one piece a month quota...man it must be nice to work at coach!
  15. I've never heard of this rule and it's never applied in any store i've been in!