employee discount on Chanel at SAKS??

  1. Hi! I don't know if this is allowed so mods please remove or let me know if this doesn't belong but i'm wondering if there is anyone who works at Saks who knows the discount on Chanel classic items (stuff that never go on sale).

    A friend of a friend who works there says that once in a while they can get up to 44% off during certain times of the year but I'm not sure it applies to Chanel (though my friend is certain it is!).

    If you don't feel comfortable, you need not respond to this post. PM if anything pleasE?? i'm DYING to know from a reliable source!!! I don't know how much longer I can wait on this purchase.... :sweatdrop: lol
  2. i have a friend who works at Saks and he can get chanel items with his employee discount
  3. I don't know if it varies from Saks to Saks but I do know that you can only purchase a limited number of items per year from Chanel as an employee. Same w/LV. A few years ago it was 4 items... per YEAR (bags I'm talking). This is the case at 4 Saks stores where I "know" the person working there.
  4. I have a friend used to work at Saks. She got me once a Chanel bag at 30% off. She was limit to $ amount per year. For example, she can get anything but can not exceed $4000 after discounted during that period.
  5. I have 3 friends who work at different Saks stores. They used to be able to get 40% discount at special times on anything-years ago. Now it has changed. The regular discount is 30% I believe-2 people had said different (one said 20 the other 30). But for some departments they can't get any discount on new LV and I believe new Chanel was included as well as some brands of makeup. They still have the special discount days of 40% which has had they buy some great things. I am happy to say I have received some of the most beautiful gifts from my friends.
  6. There are special days that have the 44% discount still. It does apply to Chanel, but as others have said, there is a limit to the amount you can purchase.
  7. does that 44% apply to classic chanel bags though??
  8. yes
  9. I have a friend that works at Saks.
    She said the next time they have a 30/30 sale, she will let me use her discount on a Chanel bag?
    Does anyone know if the discount even applys to Chanel??
    Also, is it only on Chanel certain bags?

    When is the next big sale???

    Any information would be great.

  10. Last time my friend worked at Saks got me employee 30% off on a Chanel bag. The problem is she only have a limited purchase combine of $4K plus something per year.
  11. your friend should know shouldnt she?

  12. Do the bags get stamped/marked to indicate it was employee purchase?
  13. I wish I had a friend that worked at Saks
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  14. same!
  15. I have friends who work at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks, and LV boutique. But guess what, they won't share their discount bc they're shopaholics just like me! :lol: