Empire Today Floors

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  1. Can you believe that the salesperson quoted me $14,500 to cover 800 sq. feet of space with MAPLE wood:cursing: ? Can you believe that sh*t? The only reason I called them is because they do next day installation. The audacity of the salesperson!:hysteric:

    Anyway, my SO found a contractor (one who has done many celebrity homes) to refloor my space with high quality Brazilian Cherry for $5500.:yahoo: PLUS, it will be done tomorrow!

    It just seems crazy to me that Empire Today quoted me that price!

    Just wanted to share...
  2. Wow that's crazy! Should have been platinum floors for that price ;) .

    Does Empire have lower rates for next week or next month installation?

    I had a Home Depot quote recently to replace doors and closets in my townhouse. 3 bedroom doors, 1 bathroom door (all with trim) and 5 closet doors came to a whopping $4500...and this was just for basic hollow 6 panel doors. WTH??

    Glad you found a better deal for your floors :yahoo: .
  3. The kicker is, the price he quoted me was based on the 50% "special" they had going on. Check their website, its stated there as well.

    As for your doors and closets, $4500 is excessive. Can you get the name of a contractor that deals with HD and deal with him directly? You could buy the doors yourself and have the contractor install them for much cheaper.

  4. ^^ Seriously, so true!! I have floors/tile on the 2007 project list and will now think twice about ET. Thanks for the tip, envyme!

    Congrats and enjoy your gorgeous new floors!!
  5. when we were building our house, my dad was getting lots of quotes like that. until they realized my dad has been in construction is whole life and that they couldn't pull a fast one on him- especially more local companies! his advice is to always know prices (shop around) and make sure the people know that you know what you need to pay. because they WILL rip you off. (kinda like car salesmen...)
  6. All I know is wood flooring is expensive! My parents are re-doing their house and putting wood floor down also. They have it imported from Europe and it is HUGE expensive :shrugs: All just depends I suppose!

    But you also got an AMAZING price from someone else the same day, so that does suck!
  7. Ha Ha "800"- "588" -"2300" EMPIRE TODAY" Wow I thought their prices would be low. I was going to call them for some carpet because I can't stand the carpet I have. It was here when we brought the house. Jeez 14000 wow.
  8. We used Empire Today to put new carpet in our home in Maryland and they were cheaper than Home Depot and all of the other private contractors that we had contacted...I guess it all depends on what you're putting in, how much, and where you are! :smile:
  9. He must have been on some seriously good drugs, that's all I can say. They're crazy. He would have gotten as far as, "Fourteen th....." and would have been on the other side of my front door before he could finish his sentence.

    Sounds like you got a wonderful deal! I LOVE hardwood floors! Enjoy!
  10. I just had 440 sq foot room done for $6,000. It was done in white oak and had to be stained to match the rest of the house, which is 98 years old and has the original floors. They did an amazing job. I hope yours looks great too!
  11. I didn't even know that Empire Today had locations in other parts of the country. The nearest one here is in Milwaukee. That jingle in their commercials has stuck with me since I was a kid. I will never forget Empire's phone number thanks to that freakin' song.