Empire State Building Jumper 4/1307

  1. Horrible thing just happened. :sad:

    I work right across the street from the ESB... and my friend calls me around 3:30ish today.. saying that someone jumped.

    I look out the window... and there's a bloody mess on the sidewalk... apparently it was a severed foot... and then i look on the first terrace and i see a shoe...
    ... no huge mess on the street or anything.. so the body must've ended up somewhere else.


    I'm still waiting for some kind of news story to show up on msnbc, but nothing yet!

    It's so f*cking horrible!! Traumatic!
    They won't even let us out of our building, they have it roped off.
  2. Holy ****, that's terrible...so sad. I feel sorry for the people he/she left behind.
  3. Wow. That's bad news.

  4. How horrible... I wouldn't even have the guts to peer outside the window. Is there another way to exit your building without seeing the mess?.. sorry you;re stuck inside
  5. How horrible, we just went to the observatory open terrace at the Empire State Building, I just hope it was not an accident!!!!!
  6. That's awful! I feel so sorry for that person and the family/friends they left behind. They must have been going through some hard times to make them want to do something like that.
  7. i hope no one got hurt when the person landed..thats really aweful
  8. Oh NO! That's terrible. I can't stomach these types of things....
  9. I have no idea why but your post made me laugh momentarily......
  10. I doubt it was an accident..it is pretty well protected up there. These things, specifically at the ESB, happen on occasion. Now I understand why traffic was so bad when I was out a little while ago. Very sad indeed.
  11. ew...I couldn't handle seeing the aftermath.
  12. I had to laugh a little, too, but I knew what she meant. I think she meant she hoped he didn't feel any pain.

    Such a tragedy, though.
  13. very sad
  14. That is just awful. I saw a show once about a photographer who for one year took pics of a bridge in CA I think where people jumped - and one person (not sure if it was during that time) actually had survived a jump into the water and said he changed his mind in the middle of the jump - what a sad place for people to do such a thing...
  15. That is just so sad.