Empire Girls on Style feat. Adrienne Bailon & Julissa Bermudez

  1. Her dates with Antrelle were really cute. I think it was def set up though because from what i know, he has a long-time girlfriend. Julissa reminds me of a lot of Dominican girls i know, she's so pretty, does great makeup and hair, and it a spitfire! I actually enjoy watching her WAY more than Adrienne. IDK if Adrienne is really as overbearing and dramatic as she seems to be acting. I don't buy it much. The whole thing about her wanting to be the Godmother annoyed me. I mean, I get it but the storyline was annoying.
  2. This show is my guilty pleasure. I like them both.
  3. I just started watching last night. They're cute and I like their clothing.
  4. I like them on screen together, but I prefer jullisa. Some of thoe outfits are way over the top.
  5. Adrienne was trying to hard at the beach, the other girls looked cute and relaxed.

    Hope julissa didn't let the guy get her cookies on the first night!
  6. Adrienne always looks like shes trying too hard, I cant stand her and her OTT personality. I don't find her pretty in the least...