Empaulio's LV collection

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  1. Hi all this is my LV collection. I joined here towards the end of last year and thought it would be nice to share with you the Vuitton that i have acquired over the past few years.

    Group shot including:
    Keepall 55 with shoulder strap in monogram canvas
    Cosmetic case in monogram canvas
    passport holder in monogram canvas
  2. Nice love your sneakers!! and Groom PMR I love mine!
  3. Shoes:
    Loafers in beige andd black calf leather
    Trainers in Monogram multicolor
    Trainers in Denim Monogram

  4. [​IMG]
    Monogram groom round coin purse, neck scarf
    Monogram Multicolor phone strap
    Monogram glaze wallet
  5. Thanks lecolquitt i must use it more, this has inspired me to use all day today though!
  6. Ahhhhh :nuts: you've got a scarf! I wishhhhhhhhhh I would have bought it I was so busy grabbing up the SLG's I skipped the scarves :sad: and yes do use it :smile: Great pieces!
  7. [​IMG]
    Turq long sleave T with LV logo in bottom corner the grey one is plan and has a smaller LV logo on the chest but i doubt it would show up in pics
  8. oh that mono glace wallet! i like i like! :nuts: hehehe...nice collection, man! :wlae:
  9. Wool V-neck pullover 2 shade brown with logo on chest

    Bronze long sleeve top LV stamp on chest
  10. Very nice! Love the MC sneakers! Thanks for sharing!
  11. OMG- I've so badly wanted those Lombok loafers!!!! Unfortunately they're all gone now :crybaby:
  12. Thanks yed, wentworthsgal, ValleyO I also loved the loafers thats why i got them in another colour i love the S lock on them.
    I have some more tops but they are at the bottom of my wardrobe maybe i'l post them in the near future. I have some with the monogram on and some with painted lines on like the trunks.
  13. Heres my scarf collection:
    Scarf with painted lines and LV

    Rabbit fur
  14. Ohhh rabbit fur, tdf! Jealllloussss hahah and I'm never really jealous! LOL
  15. This is one of my favorite pieces the monte- Carlo in the Black Epi leather.