Emp Key Pouch Vs the new Zoe??

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  1. Hi guys,

    I’ve been debating for a very long time on whether to get the emp key pouch or not since I already have the mini pochette and the mono cles, as I’m looking for a small wallet for my PA. (I’m currently using the Felicie insert for cards/bills and the mono cles for coins which I find quite annoying)

    Then, the new Zoe was released this month and now I can’t seem to decide.

    I will be carrying 3-4 cards, some bills and coins, but don’t want to fold my bills more than once.

    I was almost going to get the emp key pouch, but a few reviewers had given some negative feedback but I cannot remember what it was lol

    I like the Zoe, but not sure if I like the trifold shape with the coin section on the very bottom. And I’m wondering if I put everything in, it’ll get pretty bulky? I dont want my PA to look stuffed :sad:

    Does anyone have both who can advise which will get more use??

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Zoe if you are the type that likes to see every single card and pull them out of card slots. Emp pochette cles if you like everything in one slot and find your item that way. Good thing about emp pochette cles is that you can put key fobs and other stuff. The Zoe is quite thick and the emp pochette cles is flatter but is taller and wider.
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  3. Here are some thoughts on the Empreinte key pouch from a few different threads:

    Zoe is quite new since it was just released. I've just seen pictures in the this thread:
    But no reviews yet since it's still pretty new.

    I don't have either of these items, but I'm interested in the Zoe. I've heard it is a more compact version of the Victorine.
    I have the PA also and looking at the measurements I think either could fit, but the Empreinte key pouch is quite a bit taller than the Zoe. I do have the Empreinte Zippy coin purse and it's a little bulky in my PA.
    Have you compared measurements:
    PA: 9.25 x 5.3 x 1.6"
    Empreinte key pouch: 5.1 x 3.4"
    Zoe wallet: 3.7 x 3 x 1.2"
    for reference my Empreinte Zippy coin purse: 4.3 x 3.3 x 0.8"

    I think based on your explanation you could do either. I'm not a person who likes to even fold bills once which is why I want the Zoe. But, it sounds like you could do either. I do think that adding coins along with other items will make the Empreinte key pouch more bulky also. I saw it in person and it wasn't for me.
  4. My emperiente key pouch is the best purchase I have ever made by Lv. Only con is it’s so easy to use I sometimes don’t want to carry a bag and just run out with this hahaha. I use the zipper part to carry my cards I think I have 7 in there and I fold my bills in half and keep it in the bottom part. I wear my keys attached. Since I e gotten the key pouches I no longer use any of my wallets
  5. I have both. I like the Zoe way better. I find it more compact than the emp key pouch. I use it in my PM and it takes up less space than my key pouch. The key pouch is much thinner but once u fill it it has the potential to get bulky (though it seems you won’t be carrying much). The Zoe once I fill it up stays pretty much the same width.
    Since ur only carrying 3-4 cards, coins and cash I would say the Zoe. The only con I see with the Zoe (not a deal breaker for me) so far is that you can’t fit CC in the coin area so it’s either coins or small things, but that’s to be expected since it’s so tiny. I think there’s a review online comparing the Zoe to the key pouch.
    Like HKsai said, you should consider whether u like to pull ur cards out of slots or if u like cards all together. I don’t mind both ways, but I do tend to put my most used card in the outer pocket. HTH
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  6. I love my emp key cles. I think it's beautiful b/c I like the large zipper on the back. I like that I can tuck the key chain inside and use it more like a wallet, or I can use the chain and attach my car fob. It's also large enough to put my fob inside. I like that it's multi-purpose. I don't mind folding bills.

    Sounds like it's a deal breaker for you b/c you'd have to fold your bills, so if I were you, I'd get the Zoe.
  7. If you don't carry much coins, I would say Zoe wallet would be fine not being bulky.
  8. I have the empriente key pouch and use it with my PA. I do not store keys with it. I use it like a wallet and store coins in zipper portion and cards and cash in main compartment. Im holdering about 6 cards and cash folded in half. Its not bulky at all and I will be buying another just in case. I can take that, another card case, cell phone, large set of keys, thin case sunglasses, lippy, bottle of meds and mints comfortably in PA.
  9. I love the empriente key pouch cos it's sooo flat! It's my everyday wallet, 4 cards and some cash and coins. I removed the key chain, it's flat and barely takes up any room.
  10. I love my Empreinte Cles; it holds multiple cards and a few bills folded one in the main section (Canadian bills are all the same size) and any coins can go into the zipped compartment.

    I saw the Zoe today and didn’t care for it; it’s too tiny.
  11. Empreinte Cles is more versatile. You can use it as a wallet, car holder, key holder whereas Zoe is strictly as a wallet. I prefer envelope style, so my vote for Empreinte Cles.
  12. I had the same dilemma crossed my mind when I saw the Zoe released. I haven’t got any of them yet, but here is my thoughts hope it helps. I think Key Pouch is better for me, because nowadays, the payments are mostly accepting cards, cash will be used less and less often, I am sure it won’t take too long for the whole world to use cardless payment, I have heard my friends and family from China, they hardly use wallet, only ID, phone and keys, because everything is paid by phones in the stores or even most of stalls, in that case, key pouch is more than enough to carry everything in one pocket.
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  13. Interesting!