Emotions take over me, then I can't study.

  1. I tend to get emotional at my surroundings and then everything goes down hill.

    When this happens, I CAN'T comprehend and then can't study. I try my best to just get over it and do what I need to do but then all I can think about it THE PROBLEM that is causing me to be pist off.

    I am starting school soon & right now just studying for entrance exams. I need to figure out a way to not let my emotions take over my studies and everything else. :crybaby:

    Does anyone have tips they can share with me on what to do when you got sh!t going on in your life but still find a way to cope & study???

  2. Sorry you're finding it difficult at the moment. I try and put my emotions in a pretend 'filing cabinet' in my head and closing it. This sometimes works for me! Or give yourself some time to think about your problems, say 15 minutes, then try and switch off, and if the thoughts come into your head, tell them to go away until you have finished studying.
  3. Oh thu! I'm sorry you're having a tough time right now. I know it can be really hard to concentrate when you have other stuff going on, but sometimes you have to get work done. I would just try to sit and power through, but when you can't take it stand up and walk around, get a drink, call your mom, surf the net and try again. If you want to think about what you're feeling for a while, then call someone or even just get it out in writing. Sometimes when I'm REALLY frustrated or sad I'll type it all out in Word (seriously) and that'll make me feel better.
  4. I'm the same way...the best advice I could give is talk it out with someone who will listen. Sometimes just letting it go out loud helps getting over it. So maybe a good friend or parent.
  5. What's so terrible about your surroundings? Sorry you feel bad. : (
  6. The best advice I can give is when you feel this way, to step away from studying. Not only will you not get anything done, you will really just beat yourself up over it. You do need to work on a way to release the emotions- possibly a workout, talk to a friend, practice deep and calm breathing.

    Maybe keep a notebook and write down your emotions... so you feel that you have rid yourself of them. Then you can try to focus on studying. You can't study with a cluttered brain.

    So sorry you are going through this, take a deep breath, and try again :heart:
  7. Is there any way you can go some other place to study? Like a coffee shop or the library?
  8. It sounds like you're suffering from anxiety. Perhaps talk to your doctor, there are meds that can help you get through the times when you have trouble concentrating.
  9. I've had lots of problems going on in my life at the same time that I needed to study. I tried to think to myself that *studying* would help to take me out of the environment I was in and to a better place - better school , better life, better job and if I failed, I would be stuck in the same place that I would be, with the same problems in my environment. Trust me, I've studied for a six hour exam with a very sick three year old in my lap all alone in an apartment in a new city with no friends and no family to help, no medical insurance, no car and only $200 to my name.

    That made me think of studying as an escape from whatever current problem, and created a sort of mental boost to make me study harder. It actually works, because now if I have problems within my environment, I just go work whether I need to or not.