Emotional rollercoaster....long again.

  1. So I had posted previously about the spotting and they were going to check my HCG levels. Well, they called today and on Thursday at 2:00pm when they were tested the results were 7226. On Saturday morning at 8:00am they tested 10326. Initially, I freaked... they were supposed to double and didn't even go up a 1/4!! I did the math and realized that it had not even been 48 hours yet in between the tests, and doubling occurs 48-72 hours. So that is a little relief. She said that he said the test results looked really good. But for the levels, he said the baby is very small and he should have been able to see the heartbeat. I had an appt. for the end of July, but I guess with all this he wants to see me again tomorow for an u/s to try to detect the heartbeat again because he said he should be able to see it. I'm so nervous. I don't think I will be able to sleep a wink tonight. I spotted again this afternoon. All I want is to see a heartbeat tomorow and to get good news that the baby is healthy. Thanks again for listening you guys...
  2. Good luck. I'm no doc but I do have a beautiful, healthy child and those HCG numbers seem good to me. Just stay calm, keep smiling and think positive thoughts.
  3. you have seriously got to relax. I hope you have great news too!
  4. Good Luck and Relax!!! Tty to have a good night sleep.

    Keep us updated.

    I am sure everything is fine.
  5. Will send good vibes your way. Plllease keep us posted on what happens. We're here for ya! :yes:

    Try to take a relaxing bath or something and then go to bed. Maybe your husband can give you a back rub or foot massage!

  6. I know, I know... must relax. Whew, I'm a walking anxiety attack normally and with something like this, it puts me over the edge. But I know, the worrying does nothing good. I gotta settle down and think good thoughts. Thanks to all of you for your good wishes!
  7. If it helps you relax at all, I bled (not spotting, bleeding - sorry if that's TMI) for the first 13 weeks of my pregnancy. My son is almost 4 and perfect.

    It doesn't have to be bad, I'll keep you in my thoughts and wish you all the best tomorrow!!
  8. Actually it is good news.. Congratulations!!

    You can relax now and enjoy your pregnancy!!
  9. I'm thinking happy baby thoughts for you. Let us know how the appointment went.
  10. Relax!!! Stressing isn't making the situation any better. Hope that everything is alright! :heart:
  11. I'm sure all is well with you and your baby.:heart:
  12. Thank you all... made a new thread... everything is well and I'm the happiest ever:yahoo: