Emotional roller coaster...FOR NOTHING!

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  1. So...Someone on here the other day...Bought their FIRST Coach. It was a Miranda I believe...Anyways...It was a beautiful bag...And also she bought a LV Speedy and a Mark Jacobs I believe...

    So I had this dream I was at an Outlet someplace 45 minutes from me. And the woman in front of me watches the SA unwrap a bag that looked like the Miranda but a smaller version. (DREAMING I KNOW) Anyways...It was the last bag they had...And the SA let the woman in front of me BUY IT! And all she had left were LV's...Not that their not nice bags...Don't get me wrong...I just know to many "friends" of mine whom are carrying fakes so I am sort of squeebish when it comes to them. And so this lady says...Sorry come back tomorrow...We're getting in another truck load of bags...

    So I wake up...FORGETTING IT WAS ALL A DREAM...Wracking my brain trying to think of WHERE this Outlet place is located. Since I've never been to an Outlet before...Forgetting that...And forgetting I've just dreamed it...Kept diligently trying to remember where this place was...Then like a pile of bricks...it hits me...It was all a dream...I never felt so sick to my stomach...To learn that I wasn't going to be getting a smaller version of that Miranda...:crybaby:
  2. Wow. That's some serious Coach love. :love:

  3. Pretty pathetic hugh!?! :shame: Yeah...I love my COACH!!!
  4. I do that. Dream of Coach and other bags...sometimes I wake up and just wish I could go back to "Coachland" forever!!!

  5. I know! I've been seeing signature C's in my sleep too! LOL! and its 3 times a week... and i dont even really care for the C's....??? LOL!!!
  6. that is hilarious ! I know what you mean though, sometimes dreams can seem so real and you can worry for nothing once you wake up and realize it is all a dream !
  7. aww...i kind of know how you feel...spent the night dreaming of a specific bag but it is too much $. : (
  8. Omg, that is so funny! I sometimes have Coach dreams too! LOL :lol:
  9. Oh gosh that is so funny! I do this a lot too, so at least you know you are not alone :tup:
  10. Poor Girl :cry: I have had coach dreams/nightmares many times, so you are in good company. :upsidedown:
  11. LOL I dream about Coach also.
  12. LOL!!! What a terrible thing that silly brain of yours did!!
  13. ROFL...I have done that before...I dreamt about getting an Hermes shoulder Birkin in graphite and the next day someone on the forum did a reveal of a graphite shoulder Birkin! EEP!!! I was angry! LOL!!!!!
  14. Ironically, I heard that a smaller version of the Miranda is coming out. Whether that's the Luci, or a totally different product, I'm not sure.
  15. :wtf:...ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! I hadn't heard anything about it. But that would be SOOOO AWESOME!:graucho:

    It's also good to know that I'm not the only one whom dreams Coach...:girlsigh: