Emotional Eating

  1. Ladies and Gents,

    I know this is not a new or original topic, but I have been doing my very best not to undermine my goals and "emotional eating" is my NEMESIS!

    Overall, I have being doing so well - good exercise regime, eating sensibly....then "wham!"....a down moment and I'm sabotaging all of my hard work! :hrmm: I know better and still do it! :sad: :shrugs: :sad:

    Anyone else??
  2. Have you tried treating it like an addiction, i.e., replacing your emotional eating with some other sort of behavior? I think maybe it would help if you decide "this is what I will do instead of eating when I have a down moment" so you can make it like an automatic reaction, and then hopefully by the time you have done that, the urge to eat has passed.
  3. Thank you Litigatrix for your excellent suggestion. I have tried to do so, and succeed 50% of the time. I can't seem to get over my 10lb hump and emotional eating is my wall. It's like my rational mind takes a back seat.

    I know, it seems like whine, whine, whine, but it's frustrating when I'm working so hard otherwise!
  4. There is one instance that stands in my mind most - a friend and I were supposed to go out dancing (I don't get out very often and when I do, that is my favorite thing to go do, so I was quite excited!!)

    She had called a bit earlier in the night to say she was having dinner with another friend and that she would call me...and I didn't hear from her the rest of the night. I was all dressed up, ready to go and then I was forgotten about.

    I ate until my jaws were sore and I had the worst upset stomach. And after all of that, I was never so disappointed in myself in all of my life.

    I still struggle with my weight, and I hate myself most days because I, too, know better.

    I try like hell to channel it; exercise and everything else, but I don't know...good luck is all I can say. Do better than I do, please! I will send up a prayer for you to overcome!! :sos: :p
  5. Have you discussed this with a doctor or have you sought counseling at all? It seems to me that this would be considered an eating disorder of sorts, KWIM? Or, maybe a form of depression? Maybe I am way off base and it has nothing to do with either, but it seems like it would be worth looking into, especially if there is help available. While I don't suffer from a continuous emotional eating issue, I have definitely succumbed to the monthly hormonal eating binge here and there and I always feel disgusted with myself afterward. I can't imagine how you must feel having to deal with it all the time and my heart really goes out to you. :flowers:
  6. I'm with you there. I'll go three or four days of perfect eating and exercise. And then I'll down two bowls of ice cream because I had a bad day. :sad:
  7. i used to be anorexic so i have a really bad relatioonship with food and the last few weeks iv had a really bad fall out with my best friend and all iv done is eat. i felt so bad. i rejoined the gym this week though and im trying to be good. my weakness is chinese food, i just cant stop. the only way i can stop myself over eating is to not buy any foods i dont need. i shop for food every few days and plan my meals in advance. no ice cream in the house = no over eating.
  8. I think this is a really good idea, too. And maybe just keeping "easy" foods out of the house as much as possible, ie, make it so that anything you would eat takes some effort to make, so you can't immediately resort to eating.
  9. I can totally relate to the emotion eating thing. If I have a very stressful/bad day the first thing I want to make myself feel better is some good food! I just figure if I try to eat my best most of the time that a time here and there of eating bad won't kill me. And sometimes when I do it I can try to treat myself with things that aren't as bad as they could be.
  10. yeah i try to minimize ttemptation by keeping snack foods out of reach but sometimes it's just so darn easy to walk to the nearest duane reade and fill up on snack foods!!! ARGH!! it fills the void temporarily and then when i'm done and i realize how much crap i've eaten i feel so sick... =(
  11. As long as you do not go into the extreme, I think we should all give ourselves some slack for pigging out once in a while. I exercise and eat sensibly most of a time, and indulging on a sandwich, softfdrink and cake in one sitting because I am stressed out is totally fine.
  12. i have been using food as an outlet for over 10 years. My weight goes up and down like a ball, i have 4 different sizes of clothing. I have seen dieticians, neautropaths, psychologists you name it, ive done it.
    I realised it wasnt really food, it was the fact i was very unhappy with a few things in my life. I changed those and things have looked up ever since. I still have my bad days but i try not to be too hard on myself.

    The key is to remember we are all human and we have our faults. Its up to you to decide on how you want to combat it.

    You can do it, you just need to believe in yourself.

    If you need any more advice, please message me, i will recommend some books and quotes i keep around my desk.

    Take care and please dont be too hard on yourself.

  13. I am the Queen of emotional eating which is why my weight is a constant yo yo. I'll do great with exercise, drinking water, eating the plain chicken breast and then bam I get in a funck and nothing will bring me out but eating too much of everything. Unless I have Oprah's setup with a personal chef and trainer I might be doomed.
  14. we all do it!!
    i think the key is to not keep icky food in the house...if its not there..u cant eat it..kwim?
  15. ^ unless you have duane reade, chinese take out, pizza delivery, fast food delivery right a few blocks away.... ROFL!!!

    sometimes i have NOTHING in the fridge but i get the eating urge so much that i'll go get what i'm craving for ... the worst is ice cream .... so easy to buy tubs of ice cream and eat through them.....URGH